Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Assistant District Attorney Robert 'Bobby" Carter is running for Criminal Court Judge Division 3. Carter if elected would be making life changing decisions upon persons prosecuted in his court room by his present boss Bill Gibbons. It is always the intent of Gibbons office to win cases and what better way to win then to have your own hand picked judges.

Carter has made it known that Gibbons is his campaign manager which would seem to be a conflict of interest and the beginning of countless lawsuits brought on by those convicted who are aware of the close connection between the prosecutors office and the judge.

Carter has posted in numerous places that Gibbons in his campaign manager, which means that Gibbons is trying to get his candidate elected,which in effect is Gibbons picking a judge to judge cases brought to division 3 by his office.

Carter's has a blog and a post on the blog reads:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Initial posting
Welcome to the Bobby Carter Blog. This will document the ongoing efforts by Bobby Carter to be elected judge of Division Three of Criminal Court in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. We have already had our Kick-Off Fundraiser and it was a huge success. The Committee to Elect Bobby Carter staff did a great job. Many thanks to: Bill Gibbons, Chairman of the Committee John Pierotti, Treasurer and Valerie Smith, Campaign Manager
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Here is a list of websites mentioning the connection: - shows indorsement by the police - Carter was introduced and endorsed by Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons. - Proud that DA Bill Gibbons is campaign chairman & former DA John W. Pierotti treasurer. - Many thanks to: Bill Gibbons, Chairman of the CommitteeJohn Pierotti, Treasurer and Valerie Smith, Campaign Manager - Assistant District Attorney General Bobby Carter is the latest judicial candidate to make his political debut. He opened his campaign Friday for Criminal Court Division 3 in East Memphis at the Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz law firm.Former District Attorney General John Pierotti is Carter¡¯s campaign treasurer.Carter was introduced and endorsed by Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons.

How is it possible for Gibbons to chair the political campaign of one of his employees for judge? Is not this action by Gibbons a sign that he is handpicking a judge? does this also show how it would not be possible to get a fair trial in a court room controlled by the D.A.'s office?



Dr. W.W. Herenton will be my guest on the "Thaddeus Matthews Show" Monday in a two hour no holds barred radio interview where the former mayor will take questions from callers.

Herenton will discuss his platform and his feelings about why Blacks needs representation on the federal level and why some Blacks are hating on him for running against Steve Cohen.

Tune in Monday to AM 1180 WPLX at 3PM

Sunday, July 4, 2010


City of Memphis Police Crime Scene Investigators normally only appear at crime scenes and almost never used their crime vans to stop supposed traffic violators and write tickets,In fact crime scene investigators don't carry ticket books as a rule.

On Friday crime scene investigator Eric Kelly who several of his co workers say has a "Thang" for Black women with a very light complexion pulled over Crystal Tucker a.k.a. Redd Velvet for what he told her was an improper lane change. Tucker who is a registered nurse came to Memphis less then a year ago from Alabama to further her dream of a music career knowing that Memphis has outlets that she could not find in her home state.

Tucker states that when she was pulled over by Kelly she asked what was his reason for pulling her over, He refused to give her an answer and asked "Whats in the cup?". Not having a cup in her car she asked 'What Cup?" that's when he pointed to her breasts and said "That Cup". Being totally insulted she replied to him "What the hell did you say?" At which time Tucker states he asked for her phone number.

When Tucker did not accept Kelly's advances and still refusing to answer as to why she was stopped he at this point states that he wanted to see her license and registration. She gave him her Alabama license and told him that her insurance papers were at her office.

Feeling that she was being sexually harassed by this police officer she text me while I was on air telling me what was going on. I phoned her while on air and she stated that she had been stooped and was being harassed. I told her to place her lap with the speaker on so that I could hear the officers comments. I would also like to note here that Kelly did not have a ticket book and called other officers who bought a ticket book to the scene.

By this time other officers listening to my show have notified Kelly that his actions are being broad casted live on the air. They knew to call him because I broad casted that Tucker had been pulled over at Mt. Moriah and White Station.

Tucker who was never told what she was stopped for and never shown the ticket was commanded by Kelly to sign it which she refused to do. At this time she is still in her car and I'm telling her to sign the ticket so that he does not have a reason to arrest her. When she refuses he demands that she gets out of the car and he can be heard on air telling her to "Get off the phone"

when she gets out the phone he tells her "You had me on the fucking Thaddeus Matthews Show I'll show you".

As the broadcast was being aired listeners arrived in the area parking acrossed the street giving blow by blow details of what was going on and taking cell pictures. In fact WREG which seems to be monitoring my show was also parked watching the ordeal/ After several high ranking officers arrived on the scene attempts I'm told by another officer on the scene were made to calm down Kelly and allow Tucker to either go on her way or receive a misdemeanor citation. Kelly insisted that Tucker go to jail, telling her that he heard me state on air that if she went to jail I had a bondsman really to get her out.

Tucker was in fact taken to jail and booked in at 6:50 PM charged with Reckless driving and because she has a Alabama license given a $1,000 bond which was immediately posted and she was released a little after 11PM.

It appears that Eric Kelly who bidded to have a police job where he wouldn't have to write tickets and do real police work is using his position to make sexual advances upon women driving the streets of Memphis. This officer who I understand was fired at one point and then given his job back make just be a stalker and needs to be stopped. SO WOMEN IF YOU ARE STOPPED BY A CRIME SCENE VAN CALL 911 AND REQUEST A LT, COME TO THE SCENE.