Monday, October 18, 2010


On Saturday night I was presented The Stone Award for being the "The Most Outstanding Radio Personality" in Memphis, My thanks to those of you who voted to give me this honor. WPLX radio is fastly growing into a media force in the market and soon we plan to dominate.
After several months of not posting here I have decided to again to make this site the most read site in the area i will be posting info about the death of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Blacks who played a role in his death.
I invite you to view and listen to AM 1180 WPLX here on this site and tell all your friends I'm about to kick ass again bring you the documents that no one wants you to see.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Assistant District Attorney Robert 'Bobby" Carter is running for Criminal Court Judge Division 3. Carter if elected would be making life changing decisions upon persons prosecuted in his court room by his present boss Bill Gibbons. It is always the intent of Gibbons office to win cases and what better way to win then to have your own hand picked judges.

Carter has made it known that Gibbons is his campaign manager which would seem to be a conflict of interest and the beginning of countless lawsuits brought on by those convicted who are aware of the close connection between the prosecutors office and the judge.

Carter has posted in numerous places that Gibbons in his campaign manager, which means that Gibbons is trying to get his candidate elected,which in effect is Gibbons picking a judge to judge cases brought to division 3 by his office.

Carter's has a blog and a post on the blog reads:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Initial posting
Welcome to the Bobby Carter Blog. This will document the ongoing efforts by Bobby Carter to be elected judge of Division Three of Criminal Court in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. We have already had our Kick-Off Fundraiser and it was a huge success. The Committee to Elect Bobby Carter staff did a great job. Many thanks to: Bill Gibbons, Chairman of the Committee John Pierotti, Treasurer and Valerie Smith, Campaign Manager
Posted by Bobby Carter at
7:12 AM 0 comments

Here is a list of websites mentioning the connection: - shows indorsement by the police - Carter was introduced and endorsed by Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons. - Proud that DA Bill Gibbons is campaign chairman & former DA John W. Pierotti treasurer. - Many thanks to: Bill Gibbons, Chairman of the CommitteeJohn Pierotti, Treasurer and Valerie Smith, Campaign Manager - Assistant District Attorney General Bobby Carter is the latest judicial candidate to make his political debut. He opened his campaign Friday for Criminal Court Division 3 in East Memphis at the Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz law firm.Former District Attorney General John Pierotti is Carter¡¯s campaign treasurer.Carter was introduced and endorsed by Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons.

How is it possible for Gibbons to chair the political campaign of one of his employees for judge? Is not this action by Gibbons a sign that he is handpicking a judge? does this also show how it would not be possible to get a fair trial in a court room controlled by the D.A.'s office?



Dr. W.W. Herenton will be my guest on the "Thaddeus Matthews Show" Monday in a two hour no holds barred radio interview where the former mayor will take questions from callers.

Herenton will discuss his platform and his feelings about why Blacks needs representation on the federal level and why some Blacks are hating on him for running against Steve Cohen.

Tune in Monday to AM 1180 WPLX at 3PM

Sunday, July 4, 2010


City of Memphis Police Crime Scene Investigators normally only appear at crime scenes and almost never used their crime vans to stop supposed traffic violators and write tickets,In fact crime scene investigators don't carry ticket books as a rule.

On Friday crime scene investigator Eric Kelly who several of his co workers say has a "Thang" for Black women with a very light complexion pulled over Crystal Tucker a.k.a. Redd Velvet for what he told her was an improper lane change. Tucker who is a registered nurse came to Memphis less then a year ago from Alabama to further her dream of a music career knowing that Memphis has outlets that she could not find in her home state.

Tucker states that when she was pulled over by Kelly she asked what was his reason for pulling her over, He refused to give her an answer and asked "Whats in the cup?". Not having a cup in her car she asked 'What Cup?" that's when he pointed to her breasts and said "That Cup". Being totally insulted she replied to him "What the hell did you say?" At which time Tucker states he asked for her phone number.

When Tucker did not accept Kelly's advances and still refusing to answer as to why she was stopped he at this point states that he wanted to see her license and registration. She gave him her Alabama license and told him that her insurance papers were at her office.

Feeling that she was being sexually harassed by this police officer she text me while I was on air telling me what was going on. I phoned her while on air and she stated that she had been stooped and was being harassed. I told her to place her lap with the speaker on so that I could hear the officers comments. I would also like to note here that Kelly did not have a ticket book and called other officers who bought a ticket book to the scene.

By this time other officers listening to my show have notified Kelly that his actions are being broad casted live on the air. They knew to call him because I broad casted that Tucker had been pulled over at Mt. Moriah and White Station.

Tucker who was never told what she was stopped for and never shown the ticket was commanded by Kelly to sign it which she refused to do. At this time she is still in her car and I'm telling her to sign the ticket so that he does not have a reason to arrest her. When she refuses he demands that she gets out of the car and he can be heard on air telling her to "Get off the phone"

when she gets out the phone he tells her "You had me on the fucking Thaddeus Matthews Show I'll show you".

As the broadcast was being aired listeners arrived in the area parking acrossed the street giving blow by blow details of what was going on and taking cell pictures. In fact WREG which seems to be monitoring my show was also parked watching the ordeal/ After several high ranking officers arrived on the scene attempts I'm told by another officer on the scene were made to calm down Kelly and allow Tucker to either go on her way or receive a misdemeanor citation. Kelly insisted that Tucker go to jail, telling her that he heard me state on air that if she went to jail I had a bondsman really to get her out.

Tucker was in fact taken to jail and booked in at 6:50 PM charged with Reckless driving and because she has a Alabama license given a $1,000 bond which was immediately posted and she was released a little after 11PM.

It appears that Eric Kelly who bidded to have a police job where he wouldn't have to write tickets and do real police work is using his position to make sexual advances upon women driving the streets of Memphis. This officer who I understand was fired at one point and then given his job back make just be a stalker and needs to be stopped. SO WOMEN IF YOU ARE STOPPED BY A CRIME SCENE VAN CALL 911 AND REQUEST A LT, COME TO THE SCENE.


Monday, June 28, 2010


If John Elkington is no longer involved in Beale Street why did John Ryder the receiver for rents paid on Beale Street send the posted letter to Toni Campbell attorny for Elkington? YOU WILL NOTICE THAT THE PAYMENTS PAID WERE AFTER ELKINGTON FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Tonight I will provide documented proof that A.C. Wharton is as dumb as a bag of rocks and that he has allowed John Elkington to get the best of him. Several weeks ago Wharton announced two days before the city was to take Elkington to court that a deal had been signed where Elkington would leave the street but receive 5% of the rents paid until 2034.

But what Wharton did not tell the citizens of Memphis is that he acted on an unsigned agreement. As of this past Friday the only signature on the agreement is that of Wharton and city attorney Herman Morris.

Sources within city hall have provided me with a copy of the agreement which I will post here tonight. When Wharton song the praises of Elkington in a press conference it was because item #1 of the agreement called for the mayor to do so. Wharton did not mention that Elkington is also receiving 50% of certain parking profits in the Beale Street Historic District.

The question now that has to be answered is whether since now that Elkington has filed bankruptcy can the city take control of the street seeing that Elkington has not signed the agreement. How could Wharton be dumb enough to act on an unsigned contract.

I will also post a copy of a letter from John Ryder who is the receiver of rents on Beale Street to Elkington's attorney stating what rents had been received recently. If Elkington is no longer in control why was this letter sent.

I will also post tonight a copy of two lease agreements where Elkington is allowing two new Beale Street businesses not to pay rent for 3 years and just pay 6% of their gross. It seems as though Elkington has gotten over again. First he was able to steal millions without paying back one dime, Not be charged with a crime, By the way the contract Wharton signed states that the city can not go after him for the money, then get a so called smart attorney like Wharton to agree to letting him receive payment for 20 years even though millions are unaccounted for.

Some of you want to talk about Willie Herenton But A.C. is a complete joke who with all his legal training acted on an unsigned contract, dropped the city's lawsuit against Elkington giving him time to file bankruptcy and maintain control with now the help of the federal government.



It's not often that I agree with anything that school board member K.T. Whalum says but is the instance of returning corporal punishment to Memphis City Schools I must say bravo!!!

It was crazy to remove the only tool of discipline that some children in the system ever see while the crime rate continues to rise and the thought of building new prisons are ever present in the minds of law enforcement officials. Perhaps a little beating of the ass will keep some law abiding person from being beaten by a out of control undisciplined child.

The do gooders want to complain about corporal punishment being cruel,But what about the teachers who daily fear for their safety at a Memphis City School due to the fact that these thugs know that no matter what they do there is no recourse for their actions.

Memphis City Schools does not report the numerous teachers who daily are threaten with bodily harm or who are attacked by students,neither do they report the number of assaults other students receive at the hands of disorderly students who should be in a reform school instead of an environment where others want to learn.

It's time to return "Good Old Ass Whupping" to Memphis City Schools and allow the bleeding hearts to go some where and receive a blood transfusion. A study done by ABC News in 2009 states that the public by a 2-1 margin approves of spanking children in school and half of them say they do it sometimes to their own kids, so why not bring back a tool that may help bring order to the school system in the form of student behavior and may just save a kid's life..... His or her own.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The past month has been very busy for me getting WPLX on air and still having to deal with some technical problems that should all be resolved, within a couple of weeks. I spend about 14-15 hours a day at the station so my time for this site has been limited. But now that much of the work at the station is coming together I will be getting back to the site starting tonight dealing with how A.c. Wharton has again allowed John Elkington to dupe the City of Memphis. By the way the agreement has not been signed and Elkington signed two contracts giving businesses on Beale Street no rent for 3 years.
I will also begin my political observations such as the rumor that a certain democrat running for office has cancer so why is she running? And why did candidates for the may4,2010 election pay disbarred attorney Bret Thompson thousands of dollars to work in their campaigns. Yes I'm back and it's on.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The issue over the debate between Congressman Steve Cohen and Dr. Willie Herenton at the studios of WREG Tv on July 11,2010 can now come to a close. Herenton who does not want to be interviewed by Norm Brewer and Otis Sanford has signed agreements with WMC and Fox 13 TV stations to hold a debate with Cohen on July 11,2010.
Dr. Herenton gave me copies of both agreements to prove that he has no fear of debating the congressman but just did not want to debate on WREG.
Dr. Herenton states that the agreement between himself and WREG was only verbal and that no agreement to appear has ever been signed. Now that both WMC and Fox 13 are willing to hold the debate the congressman should decide which station he wants to appear at and let the games begin. The TV station should not be an issue of importance, the issue should be both candidates appearing and presenting their views and proposals for the Ninth Congressional District.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Former world kick boxing champ Anthony "Amp" Elmore is ready to reenter the ring and take on another former boxer. Elmore says that Willie Herenton during his tenure as mayor of Memphis turned his back on Blacks.

A recent disparity report that was issued by the City of Memphis states that Black contractors only received .36% under the former first Black elected mayor of the majority Black city.

Elmore who is Steve Cohen supporter says that he is ready to tell all Blacks of the 9th Congressional District that Herenton unfit to be a congressman and that the former mayor has no real feelings for Blacks and that the bid for congress is just another move that proves that Willie Herenton suffers from a mental disorder.

The former kickboxing champ has created a website that shows just how he feels. Elmore will be my guest at 3pm this afternoon on 'The Thaddeus Matthews Show" on AM 1180 WPLX

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I stated on April 3oth when KWAM breached my contract and placed Bennie Ferguson in my time slot that I had dominated, that I would return in 30 to continue kicking his ass and anyone else on the radio from 4-7 PM. Well Monday morning at 6AM I will kick off THE ONLY FULL TIME BLUES STATION IN THE WORLD and return to the airwaves the most controversial radio talk show ever heard in the mid south.

I have decided to go from 3 to 4 hours daily hitting issues that no one else dares to explore. I will come out of the box Monday fighting to make sure that in August the Black community gets out and elect Joe Ford as mayor of Shelby County. I will also lead the charge to make sure that the consolidation vote that is planned for later this year fail. I will also have a Black guest who states that Willie Herenton failed Blacks and that the Black community should give their vote to Steve Cohen for congress, and I was told about a report that has been released that just may back him up.

Also next week I will deal with the rumor that west Memphis Police Chief is related to Mike Evans who was killed last week in the line of duty, who I'm told is related to Jimmy Evans who was one of the officers involved in the gunning down of Deaunte Farrow, which if true means that when Farrow was killed the chief had a conflict if in fact Evans is his nephew.

I will continue my mission against Black leaders who prey on the Black community never giving us service but always asking for our vote. I will also continue to show that if you hate Willie Herenton then you should hate A.C. Wharton as much. Wharton has a debt to pay those who made sure his raptist of a son was released without even becoming a sexual offender so he can never stand up and be a man but must walk with his tale between his legs scratching his head with his head bowed and dancing to the tune of his masters.

So get ready I'm back and there is nothing that political power brokers can now do. While Im purchasing AM 1180 WPLX I have a LMA ( Lease Mangement Agreement) that gives me total control of the station 24/7. KWAM taught me such a lesson I sent the multi page contract back several times until I got the terms I wanted, In fact I'm paying less for 720 a month then I paid KWAM for just 60 hours.

I was told today by a White republican that Benny Ferguson was put in place by several groups including Memphis Tomorrow to push consolidation,and that I had to be removed because iti was thought that I would push blacks not to vote for it. Well they were right and in the coming months I will show that the plot by these groups is to dilute the Black vote and political power of Blacks.

I will also at 9AM each morning take on Bobby Ojay and while he's having fun in the mornings with his statements of fear of Whites and the police, and his telling Blacks not to vote. I will for that same hour that he is on have a "kick ass' session where I will brutally attack issues and certain public figures. Many thought that my statement that I would return in 30 days was all talk and hype and that it could not be done. Well it has been done and Bennie get ready for this ass kicking that I'm about to put on your ass.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The young 16 year old that was shot and killed by West Memphis law enforcement was shot while he and his father were inside their van, So why is the young man in handcuffs? Did the police handcuff a dead man or was he not dead and left to die?

Friday, May 21, 2010


News reports are stating that the two White males that gunned down two West Memphis police officers have ties to White Supremacists especially the Aryan Nation. So why so two White loving persons gun down other Whites? Was there something in the van that the two didn't want the officers to see or find or was it target practice for the two thinking that the officers might keep them from a mission.

Where was the dead father and son on there way to, And did they stop over in Memphis? Arkansas is the home of the largest, and fastest growing KKK group in the nation. Out of the at least 25 different KKK groups Harrison Arkansas is the home of that large group of hate mongers calling themselves The Knights of the KKK. So were these dead White Supremacists on their way to Harrison, were they on the way to carry out a plot.

David Cowart, a White Supremacist who was recently sentence to 10 years in prison for planning to kill President Obama is also from Arkansas, so what is brewing in the state across the bridge? The question also is why after gunning down the two officers would they go to Walmart. Why didn't they leave the area?

But whatever the reasoning for the two White Supremacist to be in the area and no matter what their mission was, They are two White Supremacists that are to dead to carry out anything. But my question is still, Why did White Supremacists kill other Whites?


This mornings Commercial Appeal carries the picture of a dead minor child who along with his father gunned down two West Memphis police officers on yesterday. The picture shows the dead child laying dead on the ground next to bullet riddled van.
There is no outcry concerning the picture of this dead child carried on the front page of the Ca and also on their website, But in 2007 when I posted the pictures of the dead bodies of those in the Lester Street murder the story was carried all over the world. In fact I had over 300,000 hits on this site in two days from those who thought my placing the pics here was so awful. Yes many thought my act was so horrible but they flocked here to see them.
There will be no out cry because the public will say its okay, the 16 year old shown in the pic killed two police officers, he was the scum of the earth so many will think. I don't care about the posting in the CA, just like the CA should not have cared about my posting, But I did want to bring it up just to see what comments of support for the CA are printed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


505 TENNESSEE STREET #128 Memphis, Tennessee 38103

We are going to expose each member of the News Channel 3 team, by posting a background story on each one every month for 24 months. Also look for the new website We will reach out and touch them like they reach out and touch others.

A new organization,Memphis Black Leadership Association Inc, feels that News Channel 3 is on a mission to destroy black leadership and is prepared to fight back. The group says that the Tv station is bias in their reporting to the extent of running stories without interviewing all parties involved.

The Memphis Black Leadership plans to target Norm Brewer, Keli Rabon, And reporter Chris Anderson who when he had his recent criminal problems stated that he was not going to try his case in the media, But isn't that how some he has interviewed felt?

The group wonders why the president of WREG, Ron Walters who is Black allows his reporters to do slanted and bias reports. They feel that he is just the "Token Negro" who has to front for his White superiors and does not have the balls to stand up for what is right. I am told by members of the organization that all of the backgrounds of the station's reporters will be exposed including the male reporter who is married to a male reporter at Action News 5


Sources close to county commissioner Deidre Malone who was also a candidate in the democratic primary for county mayor state that Malone's career as a politician may not be over and that she is considering running for Shelby County Court Clerk in the next county election.
Malone if she runs would be facing current clerk Otis Jackson who also ran for the county mayor's position. The sources state that had Jackson stayed out of the race and tended to the office that he has not held for a full term her chances would have been better against Joe Ford.
The sources go on to state that Malone believes that political nerve wrecker and Jackson employee Del Gill convinced Jackson to run not really believing that the current clerk could win but to keep his name alive for a future run.
Should Malone decide to run against Jackson its a certainly that Jackson would lose and gill would return to the unemployment line.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The construction in the studio is just about finish, The equipment has been purchased, The engineer is preparing to start wiring, And my return to the airwaves is set for Memorial Day.It will be exactly one month from the breaching of my contract by KWAM and the arrival of wimpish Bennie Ferguson to a time slot that I had already kicked his ass in, And a time slot where that ass whupping will continue.

AM 1180 WPLX will also bring a first to Memphis radio, A all Blues format that airs the Blues 7 days a week and not just on Saturdays. The mixture of Soul Blues with traditional Blues and a touch of R&B that grown folk remember will make this new station the number 1 AM station within 6 months if not sooner.

The WPLX morning show will be hosted by two former WDIA employees, Captain Curtis Lee and Denise Dean. The Captain holds the record for the highest ratings in Memphis radio having a 22 share while at DIA. Also while at 103.5 The Captain had an 11 share on their Saturday morning Blues show. Denise Dean or Dean as most radio listeners call her will bring an exciting element to morning radio along with news tidbits and traffic. Dean also has the ability to do talk radio often doing the Bev Johnson Show on DIA, In fact many times more issue oriented then Johnson.

From 9-10 AM daily I will come on air to discuss issues and to give a taste of what I will be doing from 3-7pm in the afternoon. Yes now "The Thaddeus Matthews Show" will air 4 hours daily with the same no holds barred controversial conversation. There will be no change in my style or approach in fact I will be hitting very hard during this political season. I will continue to get involved in issues in the city and fight for those causes that the so called mainstream media refuses to investigate or report.

So to you haters you make have thought it was safe but its not, Republicans you may have thought that you had a free reign with that wimp Benita Ferguson fighting your cause,But you don't Im back and I will be kicking some old ass and looking for some new.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dr. Willie W. Herenton, former mayor of Memphis, and now a candidate for congress to represent the citizens of Tennessee's 9th Congressional District has decided not to be a part of a debate that was to air on WREG in July due to the bias that he believes that Norm Brewer and the CA's Otis Sanford has for him.

While he may be correct in his opinion of both Brewer and Sanford based on commentaries both have given the former mayor should debate Congressman Steve Cohen..... somewhere. Herenton should not expect to be elected, and the citizens of the 9th Congressional District should not elect him if he is not willing to bring his platform to the stage so that his platform can be compared to that of the current congressman.

No one running for any office should be allowed to receive votes based solely on their name, or what they say is a past record. Every citizen of the district deserve the chance to know what the candidates plan to do for them in the present and the future.

Willie Herenton has the right no matter what one's opinion of him may be to be treated fairly in a debate forum, but he does not have the right to say he will not debate at all. I'm sure that there are other TV stations that would love to hold this very much needed debate of the issues that address the citizens of Memphis.

While the former mayor is totally correct when he states that Tennessee has no Black representation on the federal level, this can not be his total platform. While Blacks should represent their communities, the history of Black leadership in Memphis has not proven that if a Black is in office that Blacks will receive any benefits in reference to service and change.

If all else fails by July I will have returned to the airwaves and will be totally be prepared to hold the debate for just 1 hour but four. I am prepared to ask the tough questions of both candidates without race being the primary focus. I know that Willie Herenton is comfortable with my interviewing style seeing that his last two big announcements have been on my shows. If I was to hold the debate neither Herenton or Cohen would receive fluff questions, But the issues of the community would be addressed.

The Black community can not and must not elect Willie Herenton just because he is Black or that the state of Tennessee has no federal Black representation. He should only be elected because he has a workable platform and can show when his platform is compared to that of Steve Cohen that he is the better candidate and the best person to represent the citizens of the Ninth Congressional District.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


While some are hoping that the end has come of "The Thaddeus Matthews Show",and others are waiting for its return I am busy not only preparing to bring back the most controversial radio talk show that has ever been heard in the mid south, But i am also preparing to bring to Memphis its very first all blues radio station.
As you can see the new "Home of the Blues" is located in downtown Memphis with the Pyramid in its view. The studio is under construction as the best blues music known to man will be pumped from the Pinch District. All other stations that air the blues only do so on Saturdays, But AM 1180 WPLX will give you the blues 7 days a week where local talent will be a part of the rotation.
And here's something I know will make you jump for joy no longer will 'The Thaddeus Matthews Show" air for 3 hours, but now the show will air for 4 HOURS DAILY, from 3-7PM. I am working hard and ready again to dominate the airwaves, Little
Benny get ready your ass whuping is coming soon.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It seems now that the Memphis radio station that was built off the listener ship of Blacks now no longer wants Blacks to listen and and it's owners may just be racist who on FaceBook poked fun at that audience. That page also shows that Legacy Media owner Michael Easterly as early as march was conspiring to breach my contract with KWAM radio. But I will get to that in a moment.

Multimillionaire Michael Easterly has never in the three years that I was a part of KWAM put any real money into the station that he purchased in 2007 for $1.26 million. In fact the station was having a hard time staying on air because Easterly would not put money in place to keep the transmitter operating. On several occasions after a hard rain in 2008 I had to get a friends motor boat to get to the transmitter site because the transmitter is located in West Memphis in a area that floods when it rains. Easterly I was told by former management wanted the station to take care of itself. But that was hard when the only real paying customer they had was me.
Until this year when the station raised my rates to $3000 a week employees of KWAM complained about the fact that their pay checks were often 2-3 weeks late. When they raised my rates in February the station went out and wrapped a old van. Not once has this station spent a dime on promoting the station whose audience was built by me. Unless you take into measure the advertisement they ran in the Memphis Daily News immediately after raising my rates to $200 per hour offering talk shows for $150 per hour.

The audience that has made KWAM even a blimmer on the radar is the Black audience that was brought there by "The Thaddeus Matthews Show". The only time the call letters got mentioned on the news was in connection with me and the show. It strught me strange on Monday when county commission candidate Freddie Thompson who was to appear on my show was told by KWAM's GM George Bryant that I was no longer there and that the station hopes that my audience will follow me wherever I go.

Did Bryant the former owner of a failing advertising agency mean that KWAM no longer needed the Black audience. Or was he saying "Thank you niggers for making us what we are but we no longer need you". At first I thought that maybe Bryant was only finally allowing his true color to show, But the more I thought about it I realized that even though he was the messenger the message had to come from Easterly and the decision to breach my contract had to also be a decision that was made by Easterly.

Bryant was always speaking of how Easterly was on his ass to bring more money into the station. And in my conversations with Easterly when I would have to tell him he needed to rein Bryant in in his approach of dealing and speaking to me Easterly would always make of point of telling me how he was on Bryant to bring more money in. It was a known fact that my show sold more advertising in a week with only 15 hours then they could sell with 24/7.

So I was surprised to hear Ben Ferguson state on air that he was getting paid by KWAM. What sense does it make to pay Ferguson when you're receiving $12,000 a month without having to pay anything out to get it? And if Ferguson was all that great why wasn't WREC trying to hold on to him? Is the reason that Easterly and Bryant went after Ferguson a matter of pure racism where they really just wanted a White base audience all the time? And why instead of just canning my show in January when my contract was over did they come to me with a new contract with the new increase? Did they need my money to make Ferguson an offer? and when did the conspiracy start?

I believe it started in March, Easterly did something that I had never seen him do in my three years at the station and that was to come in town and stay for several days. Normally Easterly would only be at the station a couple of days and the former Memphian would be gone. It is doing this time that I think that Easterly went after Ferguson thinking that I would just walk away silently.

On his FaceBook page dated March4th Easterly writes "NOW WORKING IN MEMPHIS AT KWAM990.GREAT LOCAL SHOW UNDERWAY" What great local show was he in reference to? surely this busy businessman with all his holdings was not concerned about little one hour $150 shows was he? Or was Easterly who made it his business to avoid me at the station plotting how to take my money and breach my contract at the same time?

In that same FaceBook quote,A Carolyn Meaders asked "Are you the Dj?" where a Marty Moore responses "CAROLYN LET'S HOPE NOT, WE HAVE LISTENERS THAT DON'T UNDERSTAND OUR BRAND OF ENGLISH". then to imply laughter, smiley faces are typed in. What did Moore mean? was he referencing the Black audience of KWAM? Was he stating that the speaking of KWAM's Black audience not up to the English of KWAM's white audience? Was Moore being racist and poking fun at Blacks who listen to KWAM?

But who is this Marty Moore and why does he use the word WE in reference to the listeners who he states does not speak OUR brand of English. Well he's Martin W. Moore President and Chief Operating officer of Legacy Media Holdings, And Chief Financial Officer of Legacy Media Memphis, owners of KWAM.

So it appears that to Michael Easterly and Martin Moore, and George Bryant, that Blacks are beneath them and serve them no purpose but to work their fields and bring the harvest to them. It seems that Easterly with all his money sought in March to breach my contract and to use Bryant who runs the day to day operation of KWAM as his whipping boy. Easterly even allowed Bryant to take a check for a $1000 from me as a down payment on this week's show on last Thursday knowing that their was a plan to cancel the show the following day. I received the check from Hicks Convention Services and signed it over to them.

I am suing KWAM for $500,000 and will be going to court on May 26,2010 I plan to prove that KWAM took my money from the time of the signing of a contract to end August 15,2010 with plans to breach. In discovery we will ask for................ Well I'll let that be a surprise cant give these racist time to change paper work can I?

But it appears from the FaceBook page that KWAM does not care about Blacks and only want to take their money. Hopefully Corey Maclin and The Shelby County Democratic Party, Christian Funeral Home, and any other Blacks doing business with this racist station will cease to do business and take their business else where.

I also hope that now since this story will be listed every time someone googles the name of Michael Easterly, Marty W. Moore, KWAM, And Legacy Media Holdings that businesses will realize that this company is made up of racists that care nothing about Blacks and will even have their executives poke fun will decide not to do business with them.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


KWAM AND "Little Benny" who whined like a little bitch on TV that he heard I said something about his momma needs to enjoy the next few weeks of no competition on the airwaves from 4-7 PM, because within the next 30 days and maybe sooner I will again take control of the time slot and I promise to return with a fury that even I have never had on radio.

I will continue to expose injustice and take on both Black and White power brokers who seek to only serve their own agendas and not the agendas of the people. I will continue to expose crooked preachers, bishops, and apostles who only want the money to come to the store house but have no desire to use the storehouse to maintain houses and lives. I will still be shocking, controversial, no holds barred, and still will not give a damn about anyone liking my approach to dealing with the issues that blight this community.

AM 1180 WPLX will not only be the home of "The Thaddeus Matthews Show" but will be the homes of the Blues. WPLX will be the only station airing the Blues 7 days a week and not just on Saturdays. WPLX will become the "New Goodwill Station" serving the needs of the community both behind the Mic and out in the streets and on the corners.

WPLX will return "OLD Time "radio where there will be live jocks such as Captain Curtis Lee, and other well known radio personalities who were casted to the side by the so called big boy Mr. Clear Channel.

WPLX will not only play the hits but create the hits, with a special focus on Memphis talent that can't receive air play on stations such as WDIA. There will also be a mixture of love songs,ballads, and songs that grown folk remember.

What KWAM and its racist, cowardly GM George Byrant meant for bad will work out for the very best. While we will be in court later this month, I now have time to create the greatest force known ever known to memphis radio. THE ULTIMATE MUSIC EXPERIENCE AM 1180 WPLX GIVING YOU THE BLUES 7 DAYS A WEEK AND NOT JUST ON SATURDAYS.


Mainstream media that is controlled by White corporate America in many cases have been assigned to go after strong African American males who will not dance to he music of White males who feel superior.

White controlled media has a fear of Black men who can look a White man in the eye and tell him to go to hell and that they will stand up for the wrongs and injustices of police departments that can come into Memphis and murder a black man like Malcolm Shaw, Or dare to make it public that the police directors lynch squad, OCU can kick in the door of a innocent woman and call it wrong.

White controlled media can go after Black politicians calling them crooks and other names each morning as does Fox 13's Valerie Calhoun but refuses to call her husband John Elkington a crook who has stolen millions of dollars from Beale Street'

Now WREC's Keli Rabon has decided to go after attorney Javier Bailey who stands up for many Blacks who have been mistreated my our so called justice system. In fact Keli Rabon as in the story that this TV station ran on my radio war with KWAM where they choose to do a story without speaking to me is attempting to do a story on Jay without giving him a chance to reply.
Attorney Bailey who has decided to deal with this matter in a different way asked me to remove the email and poster from the page until he sees what actions WREC bring forth. He wants to see if Ron Walters the President of WREC who happens to be Black has the balls to to make sure that his white reporters treat all citizens the same. If you are going to do a smut story or an investigated report, interview the target and not just ambush.
I received a call from a former Black media person who wanted me to remove Rabon's address on Tennessee Street that is in the name of her parents. This person pretended to be calling for Jay suggested the removal of the address not knowing that i had just gotten off the phone where Jay had made the same request. So Mr. Walters do not think that LG had anything to do with the removal it was done only at the suggestion of Javier Bailey, because after I received a call from a former Black reporter who has in the past been removed from the air waves for speaking out against Bill Gibbons I was pissed enough to allow the info to stay.......... But I guess White power brokers can always find one of us to make the call


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Freddie Thompson, a local pastor and candidate for county commission went to the studios of KWAM on yesterday not knowing that I was no longer on air there and was told by George Byrant that I was no longer there and he hopes my audience goes with me. Like myself Thompson felt as though Byrant meant that KWAM no longer wants Blacks to listen to the station.

This is not surprising for a Byrant who left his own failing advertising agency to take over the helm of a sinking ship that had only one sail, ME. Byrant could never stand the fact that I would not bow to his superior attitude and told him several times that i paid him to do a show and not to like him. The plot to get me off the air has been doing on since the first of the year when my weekly rate increased to $3,000 per week.

Byrant thought that the increase would get me off air and that I would not be able to hang, but when he found out that it was no problem to pay the increase he had to come up with another plan. Byrant had stated to me that some political sources wanted me off the air and was willing to pay 3 times the current rate of $1250 that I was paying.

Byrant who brought the Tea Party to KWAM is the pun for political powerbrokers who want to keep the Black community dumbed down and push the agenda of the Tea Party and republicans who know in a majority democratic county where Blacks make up most of the numbers a Thaddeus Matthews does not need to be on air and a Benjamin ferguson does.

My goal for Bryant and Michael Easterly owner of KWAM is to hit them deep in the pockets. While Chancellor Walter Evans did not give me the injunction he did state that money is a remedy to the cause. Well Im going after the remedy to the tune of $500,000.

My main goal while this case is in court is to get AM 1180 WPLX on the air so that I can continue what I do. Ben enjoy yourself and cause I will be kicking that ass AGAIN soon. It's strange to me how Ben used to state that if you were any good in radio you wouldn't have to pay to be on air now he's paying. KWAM does not have the revenue to pay him, in fact it wasn't until I started paying $12,000 per month that employees could get their checks on time. Most time the checks ran a month behind....... Plus I wonder if Clear Channel will enforce their 6 month non compete clause that all their on air personalities have.

Monday, May 3, 2010


In January of this year after paying $1250 per week for two years to broadcast my daily radio show George Bryant President of Legacy Media Memphis owners of KWAm called me into a meeting where he stated that political sources had come to him and wanted me off air and was willing to pay as much as 3 times my rate. Bryant stated that since my 4-7pm time slot had a greater value with this offer my weekly rate would increase to $3000 per week.

This very much angered me knowing that KWAM was not even on the map until my show started airing on the station, In fact we had just had the conversation where the Arbitron ration showed that my show had beat every talk show during the 4-7 time slot including every thing on his KWAm including all national shows.

While I was pissed and KWAM refused to allow me to reduce the show to two hours to save me money I signed a 6 month contract ending in August at the $3000 per week rate. The $3000 has been paid every week since including last week.

On Friday when I arrived at the station, a station flunky pretended to need something out of the station van leaving the door open so that I could enter. I now know this was to keep me from knowing that the locks to the building had been changed.

After my show on Friday By rant returned to the station with a show termination letter and copies of all my commercial spots in a envelope. The meeting if that's what it is to be called became very tense partly because I have a contract that ends in August and partly because Bryant took a check from me on Thursday for $1000 from a new advertiser knowing that he planned to end the show the next day.

The $1000 that I gave Bryant was to go on this week with the balance to be paid today. I had the $1000 in my pocket and since I thought we were all acting in good faith with him knowing that I was leaving KWAM at the end of my contract. Bryant acknowledge in front of station employee Cam Williams that he did in fact take my money knowing what his plans were.
At this moment I wanted to do some damage to Byrant for standing in my face and admitting that he had robbed me, But I could also see that he was baiting me to kick his ass in front of a witness so that he could call police.

I found out first thing Saturday from a politician that John Willingham came to him telling him at Jimmy Moore's breakfast that Ben Ferguson was replacing me. I also started receiving calls stating that KWAM had already removed me from their site and placing Ferguson there. I then found out that a meeting took place on Saturday morning at the station where Ferguson, Bryant and their station consultant Tony Yoakam all met to prepare for today.

The reason that Bryant states that my show is being terminated is that, He claims that I have had two FCC complaints which he can not show me, And that I am not living up to KWAM's program policy. First of all I would be surprised that I would have had only 2 FCC complaints in 3 years giving the nature of the show but if that was true their is a due process for that. Secondly I have never seen a KWAM programming policy. Then he states that the station wants to go into a new direction. How is replacing one controversial with another a "new direction"?

But the total fact of the matter is that I have a contract and their reasoning does not hold water. It can now be proven that KWAM and George Bryant conspired to breach my contract which is why I will be in court this morning seeking an injunction against Bryant and Legacy media to seek to force them to honor the contract. I am also suing Bryant and Legacy for $500,000 in damages.

The point of the increase was to force me off the air during the political season. but Bryant did not realize that with the popularity of the show that i would be able to maintain the weekly rate of $3000. Republican and the Tea Party which has also purchased time need me off the air before Tuesday's election and before August General election.

I also wonder how Ferguson can go on air when every other employee of Clear Channel has a 6 month non compete clause. But whatever the issue is KWAM will have to do battle with me. It is my plan to have a new station on the air very shortly, In fact the station will be a 24/7 All Blues station. The deal has been signed and the building has been leased in The Pinch District. Bryant is fully aware that I was leaving but I intended to honor my contract.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sources within the county jail concerned that jailers would be blamed for the release of Dearick Stokes contacted me to give documents to show that the screw up came from the Criminal Court clerk's office and especially the clerk in Div5.

he source states that Stokes was released as all inmates are. According to the source the jail computers did not state that Stokes had been sentenced and that he was out on a $250,000 bond.

The first document posted comes from the computer that jailers see, it does not show anything about the murder charge at all. The document shows that the domestic assault bodily harm charge dismissed. The source states that the documents only show a dismissed charge with Stokes having to return May 13, 2010 for sentencing.

The second document shows that even as of yesterday that Stokes paper work states that he's releasable. Sources deny Judge Lammney's position that jailers did not understand what releasable meant. The source states that on the paperwork if Stokes had a hold on him or waiting to be transferred there would be a N where there is a Y on the paperwork, meaning NO he can not be released. The source states that the documents being shown on Tv stating that Stokes had a life sentence were not in his jacket. The source also states that when a person is to be transferred to another facilty such as to Nashville where the Y is seen would state where the person is to be transferred to.

Sources were also concerned that when Stokes file was removed from the Criminal Court Clerks office that the spin and cover up was on where low level employees would be blamed for just doing their job.

As for Stokes he should receive the dumbest criminal award for still being in Memphis, How do you get a second chance at freedom and only get as far as the Relax Inn on Third? Why did'nt his father and brother get him a bus ticket or since they were helping him just put him in the trunk of the car and take him to Mexico or somewhere.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Police Director Larry Godwin must be lying because his mouth was moving at a city council committee meeting on Tuesday morning. Godwin stated that his OCU unit has never hit a wrong house and even accused me of writing the statement that Carnecia Moore presented to Internal Affairs on Friday after her home in Whitehaven was struck on Wednesday of last week. Godwin is wrong on both accounts, I had nothing to do with Moore's statement, and OCU did hit a house and hold a woman at gun point who has nothing to do with the persons named in the search warrant.

Posted is the warrant that was given to Moore after OCU entered the home located at 5392 Lastrada. No where in the search warrant is Carnecia Moore or her husband Michael Moore named,So how does Godwin state that what happened was not wrong?

If OCU had done their homework they would have found that Arlene Bell did in fact once live at the Lastrada address but that MLGW disconnected services at the address in her name on April 4,2008. OCU would have also found out that three other families lived at the address prior to the Moore's moving in in March of 2009.

If OCU had done their job they would have found that Tarik Thompson has a phone in his name and lives on Hickey Street. The point is according to the warrant and based on the fact that Carnecia Moore who has no record at all was terrorized in her own home by OCU means that OCU screwed up and now is trying to cover their tracks.

If Godwin says that his unit did not hit the wrong house he needs to explain this warrant. He needs to also make it known as to what is stated in the affidavit that allowed a Judical Commissioner to give the warrant.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


A Organized Crime Unit officer has told me that when the unit stormed a Whitehaven resident on Wednesday that within minutes they knew they did not have the person that they were looking for by looking at the photo of the person they were looking at and by looking at the woman who they had laying on the floor in her underwear, but was told by police director Larry Godwin to ransack the home.

On Wednesday morning OCU acquired a search warrant for Arlene Bell a female Black born 5/27/ 1959 and Tarik Thompson born 9/23/1972. The location that the search warrant was to be served was 5392 Lastrada Cove . The warrant was being issued for the the purpose of locating marijuana,drug paraphernalia,drug records and drug proceeds.

At approximately 12:55 on Wednesday Canecia Moore who along with her husband Michael, and 13 year old daughter have lived at 5392 Lastrada since March of 2009 was in her bedroom on the phone with cousin when she heard a loud noise. At first Mrs. Moore thought the noise was coming from one of her neighbor's homes,so she stood still to listen. The nest sounds confirmed that someone was breaking into her home.

Canecia Moore yelled out in hopes that whomever was breaking in would turn around and leave once they heard her scream. That did not stop the assailants from continuing to enter the house,she quickly told her cousin who was still on the phone to "dial 911 someone is breaking in". Before she could lock the bedroom door it was being kicked in by someone. That person according to Canecia was a Black male approximately 5'4 with a large black rifle with a scope aiming the weapon at her head yelling for her to "Get on the ground". Another male was yelling "Police".

As the other officers entered the bedroom with weapons drawn pointing them at the now very scared woman she stood in plain view of the male officers with only her underwear on. Canecia states that there were at least 10 officers in the house wearing black bullet proof jackets,Black helmets, and black shirts. She also states that there were two female officers present as well.

At this point in the raid she is asked her name, she states "Canecia Moore" after this she is pushed to the hardwood floor face down. 'What is this all about" she asked as she was being pressed against the floor with her hands tightly handcuffed behind her, still with just her underwear on being refused by officers to be allowed to either cover herself or put on pants.

Canecia states that she was left on the floor while the officers stood over her telling her that she was going to jail. The Black male officer who had pointed the rifle at her attempted to help her to her feet as her hands are still handcuffed behind her back. she says that he states "This is a hefty one, I need some help". A white female officer described to have dark shoulder length hair enters the room and says "I'm not going to hurt my back helping her up". Another male officer enters the already crowed room and helps the rifleman lift her from the floor. Again Moore states that she asked for her pants was male officers were in the room gawking at her and again she was refused.

Moore states that at this point the two female officers one White and one Black stayed behind as the male officers moved to the hallway still with the door wide open to do a body search. Moore's panties were pulled down so the female officers could look for drugs. Before degrading the woman further her hands were released but she was told not to move or reach for anything.

Moore is allowed at this point to put her pants on but still with the door wide open the Black female officer lifts her t-shirt and tells her to undo her bra so she could check for weapons. At this time Det B. Nemec whose IBM number is 6268 enters the room while her bare breasts are exposed and in the male officer's plain view. At this point Moore states that she was handcuffed again with her hands behind her back even though she's being cooperative. The black female officer throws Moore's tennis shoes at her feet,Moore ask for her slide in shoes since being handcuffed she wouldn't be able to put the tennis shoes on. Moore states that the White officer says " Plus they match her shirt" The Black female officer says at this point "You don't have to match when you're going to jail".

Again Moore ask what was going on where Det. Nemec continue to reply "You know whats going on". At this point Moore was moved from her bedroom still handcuffed to her den and told to sit at a kitchen chair, This is where the interrogation began by Nemec. "Who is Arlene Bell" Moore responded "I don't know" He then ask "You don't know Chuckie?" Moore's response was the same as when she was asked about Arlene Bell. Moore who is a LPN and employed by Correct Care Solutions, where she works as a nurse at the Penal Farm was asked for personal information such as date of birth,the occupants of the house, and numerous other questions. She was asked these questions by several officers several different ways.

The officers went through bank statements, they even checked the utility bill laying on the counter which shows that MLGW services are in the name of her husband Michael Moore. Det Nemec continues to ask "Where are the drugs" Moore states that she told him "There are no drugs and what are you talking about?". Moore states that at this point Nemec tells her " If you don't tell me who sells drugs out of this house and where they are,I will have your damn job and take your ass to Jail East" He goes on to state " You have had your chance to tell me what I want to know,since you didn't if I find once of marijuana or anything else, Im going to charge your ass and you are going to prison" The White female officer at this point says " Don't lie to him" where Moore replies " I didn't lie". Nemec then states according to Moore " Well you had your chance to tell the truth, now we will look for it my way,and your ass will be stuck to clean up and repair the damn mess".

The White female officer goes into Moore's purse after the Black female officer takes and goes through Moore's medications and pulls out her ID. Moore states the female officer seems surprised when she tells her birth date saying I thought you were older. You see Arlene Bell is 50 years old while Canecia Moore is 30.

The OCU officer that contacted me states that they knew when they saw Mrs. Moore that she was not Arlene Bell but that Nemec was determined to find something, Even though the officers knew that the woman's civil rights were being violated they continued their terrorist actions. The OCU officers tells me that prior to wrecking and ransacking the home Larry Godwin was contacted and told that Canecia moore was not the right person but according to the officer was told to "Ransack the house".

After coming up empty handed and looking defeated Moore states that Det Nemec asked for her husband's cell phone number and calls him in her presence telling Mr. Moore 'That we have found the stash now tell us where the rest of the drugs are" Michael Moore tells them that there are no drugs and that he does not know Arlene bell or Tarik Thompson. The fact that Nemec called Mr Moore can be easily proven nemec cell phone number of 672-3969 is still in Mr Moore's cell phone.

Canecia Moore tells the officers that they didn't have to break in her home that they could have knocked and she would have let them in. Nemec now tells someone to "get the video camera and start recording". After having her state her name and giving her a copy of the search warrant which is blank on one side she is uncuffed and the White female officer tells her "it was a pleasure meeting you".

This is an example why it is time for new leadership at the MPD even though Godwin is set to leave the department in April of next year he needs to go now because it seems as though he allows abuse of citizens without fear of being fired by his coward boss A.c. Wharton. The Organized crime Unit violated their own handbook policy of getting an elected judge to sign the search warrant, instead they used a Judical Commissioner. Surely on Wednesday morning they could have gotten and elected judge who knows the law to sign the warrant if the affidavit was proper, and what about the law that states that in order to get a search warrant a criminal act must have taken place at the residents or by the persons within the previous 5 days?.

To prove that OCU who has extensisve intelligence equipment did not properly do there job I found Tarik Thompson in my data base within 15 minutes. I found that Thompson's ss# is 414-21-XXXX and that no records support his ever living at 5392 Lastrada. If OCU had check 1411 they would have found out that he has a phone listed in his name (785-6905) and that the address is 3509 Hicky St. in South Memphis. I called the resident and a woman stated that he was not home. She asked me was I looking for Junior or Senior and who was I. Pretending to be an employer I told her I was looking for the one who was born 9/23/1972, telling her that was the info on a job application. She stated he was not home, even though when i called back from another number changing my voice she called out to him and told me he was sleep.

If OCU had done there job they would have found that since March of last year MLGW has power at the address in the name of Michael Moore,and not Arlene bell or Tarik Thompson. They would have also found out that Arlene bell did at one time live at the address but has now lived there for several years.
Checking my data base I found that Bell whose SS# 410-11-XXXX has a maiden name of Baker and a husband named Reginald. Checking would have also shown that a Sherry BAKER Thompson once also lived at the address, Hmmm I wonder if Sherry is any relations to Tarik Thompson? So the question becomes Why did OCU hit this house and what does the affidavit state that gave them their so called probable cause to act like terrorist from a hostile country?

After hearing my discussion on this matter on my radio show on Friday City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove gave Gerald Thornton who is a attorney for the MPD a call Fullilove states that Thornton told her that they were looking for Canecia Moore's husband. This has to be an attempt to cover OCU's tracks seeing that Canecia's husband is named Michael and warrant states they are looking for a Black male named Tarik. The search warrant states that Tarik Thompson is 5'5 165 lbs, and Michael Moore is 6'2 245 lbs. If Thornton is telling the truth why didnt the warrant state the name of Michael Moore?

OCU screwed up and did not do the diligence needed to make sure that they had the right location to serve the search warrant and now is making an attempt to cover up for their screw up seems as though Bartlett police took their training from MPD.


On Friday night in the midst of a storm several hundred people celebtated the 70th birthday of Dr. Willie Wilbert Herenton at the Daq on Hacks cross road. It was a gala event where supporters of the man who plans to become the next congressman from the 9th congressional District danced, ate, and enjoyed the sounds of Ricky Strickland and his band.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Until February of this year I have spent the last 3 years at KWAM broadcasting my show at a rate of $6,000 per month. At the last of January when my year to year contract expired I was informed that the station had been contacted by some political forces that wanted to get me off year and was willing to pay 3 times my weekly @1,500 rate. I was told that to maintain my show I would now have to pay 3,000 per week and had two weeks before the increase would go into affect.
While I have been able thus far to pay the new rate thus far, I know that the station I placed on the map is robbing me which has led me to seek another medium to broadcast. i presently have two deals on the table one which gives me ownership and the other which gives me the option to broker the station for 24 hours a day seven days per week with the option to purchase. I expect one of the deals to close within days.
It is my plan to bring to the airwaves Memphis's first full time Blues format,"Giving you the blues seven days a week not just on Saturdays" This station will be very community involved and return the old days of radio where jocks have the freedom to use "The request line their talent and not be programmed by a machine. The station will also return"THE REQUEST LINE"
$156,000 with no ownership or even the feeling of loyalty is crazy, But I am thankful that their move is making me make a move of my own. My contract with KWAM ends in July and it is my feeling that had I stayed they would want another increase.
The Thaddeus Matthews Show is number one between the hours of 4-7pm having beat out Ben Ferguson at WREC and Jeff Lee at WDIA. At this site the video streaming which is down as the streaming company is creating new features, documentations shows that from February of last year to January of this year over 800,000 persons viewed the show on line.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Shelby County Sheriff candidate and district director for Congressman Steve Cohen, Randy Wade says that county commissioner Sidney Chism is "A Absolute Lie". Chism has sent out a letter accusing Wade of placing Jerome Withers in the May 4th race against him for county commission seat District 3, Position 2.

While Wade admits to having a conversation with Chism last year, Wade states that the conversation was not about his putting anyone in the race against Chism. In fact Wade states that the conversation was prior to Willie Herenton's announcement that he was running for congress. Chism claims that Wade and Cohen placed Withers in the race to distract him from his position as campaign manager for Herenton.

Chism claim is what politics is all about. Its usual for someone to place someone in a race against a candidate, In fact Chism could be asked what influence did he have in the decision for Willie Herenton to run for congress. Chism could also be asked how many other races he has been involved in and if he is honest he will say many. It's the way of politics.

What Chism has done is draw attention to the fact that Jerome Withers is in the race against hi m,which may get contributions for the son of legend photographer Ernest Withers. Jerome Withers has not been able to raise funds to mount a serious campaign and has only about 3 large corner signs. It would seem that if Cohen or Wade was behind the campaign of Withers he would be funded.

If the letter was to hurt Cohen or Herenton it will not work. Most political persons that I have spoke with see it as a cheap trick and that Herenton needs to run on the issues and not use Chism to create a issue when there is none.

For Herenton to win he must deal with issues that relate to the every day needs of the citizens, The race factor will not be enough to defeat Cohen. I'm surprise as I speak with common voters and not the political ones in the Black community Herenton does not have the backing he and Chism may think. People are intuned to there needs and only care about who is going to be able to deliver them.

The $360,000 that Cohen requested from the Federal government that was denied was to preserve the many historical pictures of Ernest Withers and should be seen as nothing more. In fact the request was made in 2008 a year before anyone had any real idea that Herenton would be leaving the office of mayor of Memphis.

I'm sure many who do not like the politics of Sidney Chism and Willie Herenton are knocking Jerome Withers door down now to contribute to his campaign hoping that he's able to defeat Chism. Sidney this was not a smart political move.