Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sources within the county jail concerned that jailers would be blamed for the release of Dearick Stokes contacted me to give documents to show that the screw up came from the Criminal Court clerk's office and especially the clerk in Div5.

he source states that Stokes was released as all inmates are. According to the source the jail computers did not state that Stokes had been sentenced and that he was out on a $250,000 bond.

The first document posted comes from the computer that jailers see, it does not show anything about the murder charge at all. The document shows that the domestic assault bodily harm charge dismissed. The source states that the documents only show a dismissed charge with Stokes having to return May 13, 2010 for sentencing.

The second document shows that even as of yesterday that Stokes paper work states that he's releasable. Sources deny Judge Lammney's position that jailers did not understand what releasable meant. The source states that on the paperwork if Stokes had a hold on him or waiting to be transferred there would be a N where there is a Y on the paperwork, meaning NO he can not be released. The source states that the documents being shown on Tv stating that Stokes had a life sentence were not in his jacket. The source also states that when a person is to be transferred to another facilty such as to Nashville where the Y is seen would state where the person is to be transferred to.

Sources were also concerned that when Stokes file was removed from the Criminal Court Clerks office that the spin and cover up was on where low level employees would be blamed for just doing their job.

As for Stokes he should receive the dumbest criminal award for still being in Memphis, How do you get a second chance at freedom and only get as far as the Relax Inn on Third? Why did'nt his father and brother get him a bus ticket or since they were helping him just put him in the trunk of the car and take him to Mexico or somewhere.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Police Director Larry Godwin must be lying because his mouth was moving at a city council committee meeting on Tuesday morning. Godwin stated that his OCU unit has never hit a wrong house and even accused me of writing the statement that Carnecia Moore presented to Internal Affairs on Friday after her home in Whitehaven was struck on Wednesday of last week. Godwin is wrong on both accounts, I had nothing to do with Moore's statement, and OCU did hit a house and hold a woman at gun point who has nothing to do with the persons named in the search warrant.

Posted is the warrant that was given to Moore after OCU entered the home located at 5392 Lastrada. No where in the search warrant is Carnecia Moore or her husband Michael Moore named,So how does Godwin state that what happened was not wrong?

If OCU had done their homework they would have found that Arlene Bell did in fact once live at the Lastrada address but that MLGW disconnected services at the address in her name on April 4,2008. OCU would have also found out that three other families lived at the address prior to the Moore's moving in in March of 2009.

If OCU had done their job they would have found that Tarik Thompson has a phone in his name and lives on Hickey Street. The point is according to the warrant and based on the fact that Carnecia Moore who has no record at all was terrorized in her own home by OCU means that OCU screwed up and now is trying to cover their tracks.

If Godwin says that his unit did not hit the wrong house he needs to explain this warrant. He needs to also make it known as to what is stated in the affidavit that allowed a Judical Commissioner to give the warrant.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


A Organized Crime Unit officer has told me that when the unit stormed a Whitehaven resident on Wednesday that within minutes they knew they did not have the person that they were looking for by looking at the photo of the person they were looking at and by looking at the woman who they had laying on the floor in her underwear, but was told by police director Larry Godwin to ransack the home.

On Wednesday morning OCU acquired a search warrant for Arlene Bell a female Black born 5/27/ 1959 and Tarik Thompson born 9/23/1972. The location that the search warrant was to be served was 5392 Lastrada Cove . The warrant was being issued for the the purpose of locating marijuana,drug paraphernalia,drug records and drug proceeds.

At approximately 12:55 on Wednesday Canecia Moore who along with her husband Michael, and 13 year old daughter have lived at 5392 Lastrada since March of 2009 was in her bedroom on the phone with cousin when she heard a loud noise. At first Mrs. Moore thought the noise was coming from one of her neighbor's homes,so she stood still to listen. The nest sounds confirmed that someone was breaking into her home.

Canecia Moore yelled out in hopes that whomever was breaking in would turn around and leave once they heard her scream. That did not stop the assailants from continuing to enter the house,she quickly told her cousin who was still on the phone to "dial 911 someone is breaking in". Before she could lock the bedroom door it was being kicked in by someone. That person according to Canecia was a Black male approximately 5'4 with a large black rifle with a scope aiming the weapon at her head yelling for her to "Get on the ground". Another male was yelling "Police".

As the other officers entered the bedroom with weapons drawn pointing them at the now very scared woman she stood in plain view of the male officers with only her underwear on. Canecia states that there were at least 10 officers in the house wearing black bullet proof jackets,Black helmets, and black shirts. She also states that there were two female officers present as well.

At this point in the raid she is asked her name, she states "Canecia Moore" after this she is pushed to the hardwood floor face down. 'What is this all about" she asked as she was being pressed against the floor with her hands tightly handcuffed behind her, still with just her underwear on being refused by officers to be allowed to either cover herself or put on pants.

Canecia states that she was left on the floor while the officers stood over her telling her that she was going to jail. The Black male officer who had pointed the rifle at her attempted to help her to her feet as her hands are still handcuffed behind her back. she says that he states "This is a hefty one, I need some help". A white female officer described to have dark shoulder length hair enters the room and says "I'm not going to hurt my back helping her up". Another male officer enters the already crowed room and helps the rifleman lift her from the floor. Again Moore states that she asked for her pants was male officers were in the room gawking at her and again she was refused.

Moore states that at this point the two female officers one White and one Black stayed behind as the male officers moved to the hallway still with the door wide open to do a body search. Moore's panties were pulled down so the female officers could look for drugs. Before degrading the woman further her hands were released but she was told not to move or reach for anything.

Moore is allowed at this point to put her pants on but still with the door wide open the Black female officer lifts her t-shirt and tells her to undo her bra so she could check for weapons. At this time Det B. Nemec whose IBM number is 6268 enters the room while her bare breasts are exposed and in the male officer's plain view. At this point Moore states that she was handcuffed again with her hands behind her back even though she's being cooperative. The black female officer throws Moore's tennis shoes at her feet,Moore ask for her slide in shoes since being handcuffed she wouldn't be able to put the tennis shoes on. Moore states that the White officer says " Plus they match her shirt" The Black female officer says at this point "You don't have to match when you're going to jail".

Again Moore ask what was going on where Det. Nemec continue to reply "You know whats going on". At this point Moore was moved from her bedroom still handcuffed to her den and told to sit at a kitchen chair, This is where the interrogation began by Nemec. "Who is Arlene Bell" Moore responded "I don't know" He then ask "You don't know Chuckie?" Moore's response was the same as when she was asked about Arlene Bell. Moore who is a LPN and employed by Correct Care Solutions, where she works as a nurse at the Penal Farm was asked for personal information such as date of birth,the occupants of the house, and numerous other questions. She was asked these questions by several officers several different ways.

The officers went through bank statements, they even checked the utility bill laying on the counter which shows that MLGW services are in the name of her husband Michael Moore. Det Nemec continues to ask "Where are the drugs" Moore states that she told him "There are no drugs and what are you talking about?". Moore states that at this point Nemec tells her " If you don't tell me who sells drugs out of this house and where they are,I will have your damn job and take your ass to Jail East" He goes on to state " You have had your chance to tell me what I want to know,since you didn't if I find once of marijuana or anything else, Im going to charge your ass and you are going to prison" The White female officer at this point says " Don't lie to him" where Moore replies " I didn't lie". Nemec then states according to Moore " Well you had your chance to tell the truth, now we will look for it my way,and your ass will be stuck to clean up and repair the damn mess".

The White female officer goes into Moore's purse after the Black female officer takes and goes through Moore's medications and pulls out her ID. Moore states the female officer seems surprised when she tells her birth date saying I thought you were older. You see Arlene Bell is 50 years old while Canecia Moore is 30.

The OCU officer that contacted me states that they knew when they saw Mrs. Moore that she was not Arlene Bell but that Nemec was determined to find something, Even though the officers knew that the woman's civil rights were being violated they continued their terrorist actions. The OCU officers tells me that prior to wrecking and ransacking the home Larry Godwin was contacted and told that Canecia moore was not the right person but according to the officer was told to "Ransack the house".

After coming up empty handed and looking defeated Moore states that Det Nemec asked for her husband's cell phone number and calls him in her presence telling Mr. Moore 'That we have found the stash now tell us where the rest of the drugs are" Michael Moore tells them that there are no drugs and that he does not know Arlene bell or Tarik Thompson. The fact that Nemec called Mr Moore can be easily proven nemec cell phone number of 672-3969 is still in Mr Moore's cell phone.

Canecia Moore tells the officers that they didn't have to break in her home that they could have knocked and she would have let them in. Nemec now tells someone to "get the video camera and start recording". After having her state her name and giving her a copy of the search warrant which is blank on one side she is uncuffed and the White female officer tells her "it was a pleasure meeting you".

This is an example why it is time for new leadership at the MPD even though Godwin is set to leave the department in April of next year he needs to go now because it seems as though he allows abuse of citizens without fear of being fired by his coward boss A.c. Wharton. The Organized crime Unit violated their own handbook policy of getting an elected judge to sign the search warrant, instead they used a Judical Commissioner. Surely on Wednesday morning they could have gotten and elected judge who knows the law to sign the warrant if the affidavit was proper, and what about the law that states that in order to get a search warrant a criminal act must have taken place at the residents or by the persons within the previous 5 days?.

To prove that OCU who has extensisve intelligence equipment did not properly do there job I found Tarik Thompson in my data base within 15 minutes. I found that Thompson's ss# is 414-21-XXXX and that no records support his ever living at 5392 Lastrada. If OCU had check 1411 they would have found out that he has a phone listed in his name (785-6905) and that the address is 3509 Hicky St. in South Memphis. I called the resident and a woman stated that he was not home. She asked me was I looking for Junior or Senior and who was I. Pretending to be an employer I told her I was looking for the one who was born 9/23/1972, telling her that was the info on a job application. She stated he was not home, even though when i called back from another number changing my voice she called out to him and told me he was sleep.

If OCU had done there job they would have found that since March of last year MLGW has power at the address in the name of Michael Moore,and not Arlene bell or Tarik Thompson. They would have also found out that Arlene bell did at one time live at the address but has now lived there for several years.
Checking my data base I found that Bell whose SS# 410-11-XXXX has a maiden name of Baker and a husband named Reginald. Checking would have also shown that a Sherry BAKER Thompson once also lived at the address, Hmmm I wonder if Sherry is any relations to Tarik Thompson? So the question becomes Why did OCU hit this house and what does the affidavit state that gave them their so called probable cause to act like terrorist from a hostile country?

After hearing my discussion on this matter on my radio show on Friday City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove gave Gerald Thornton who is a attorney for the MPD a call Fullilove states that Thornton told her that they were looking for Canecia Moore's husband. This has to be an attempt to cover OCU's tracks seeing that Canecia's husband is named Michael and warrant states they are looking for a Black male named Tarik. The search warrant states that Tarik Thompson is 5'5 165 lbs, and Michael Moore is 6'2 245 lbs. If Thornton is telling the truth why didnt the warrant state the name of Michael Moore?

OCU screwed up and did not do the diligence needed to make sure that they had the right location to serve the search warrant and now is making an attempt to cover up for their screw up seems as though Bartlett police took their training from MPD.


On Friday night in the midst of a storm several hundred people celebtated the 70th birthday of Dr. Willie Wilbert Herenton at the Daq on Hacks cross road. It was a gala event where supporters of the man who plans to become the next congressman from the 9th congressional District danced, ate, and enjoyed the sounds of Ricky Strickland and his band.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Until February of this year I have spent the last 3 years at KWAM broadcasting my show at a rate of $6,000 per month. At the last of January when my year to year contract expired I was informed that the station had been contacted by some political forces that wanted to get me off year and was willing to pay 3 times my weekly @1,500 rate. I was told that to maintain my show I would now have to pay 3,000 per week and had two weeks before the increase would go into affect.
While I have been able thus far to pay the new rate thus far, I know that the station I placed on the map is robbing me which has led me to seek another medium to broadcast. i presently have two deals on the table one which gives me ownership and the other which gives me the option to broker the station for 24 hours a day seven days per week with the option to purchase. I expect one of the deals to close within days.
It is my plan to bring to the airwaves Memphis's first full time Blues format,"Giving you the blues seven days a week not just on Saturdays" This station will be very community involved and return the old days of radio where jocks have the freedom to use "The request line their talent and not be programmed by a machine. The station will also return"THE REQUEST LINE"
$156,000 with no ownership or even the feeling of loyalty is crazy, But I am thankful that their move is making me make a move of my own. My contract with KWAM ends in July and it is my feeling that had I stayed they would want another increase.
The Thaddeus Matthews Show is number one between the hours of 4-7pm having beat out Ben Ferguson at WREC and Jeff Lee at WDIA. At this site the video streaming which is down as the streaming company is creating new features, documentations shows that from February of last year to January of this year over 800,000 persons viewed the show on line.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Shelby County Sheriff candidate and district director for Congressman Steve Cohen, Randy Wade says that county commissioner Sidney Chism is "A Absolute Lie". Chism has sent out a letter accusing Wade of placing Jerome Withers in the May 4th race against him for county commission seat District 3, Position 2.

While Wade admits to having a conversation with Chism last year, Wade states that the conversation was not about his putting anyone in the race against Chism. In fact Wade states that the conversation was prior to Willie Herenton's announcement that he was running for congress. Chism claims that Wade and Cohen placed Withers in the race to distract him from his position as campaign manager for Herenton.

Chism claim is what politics is all about. Its usual for someone to place someone in a race against a candidate, In fact Chism could be asked what influence did he have in the decision for Willie Herenton to run for congress. Chism could also be asked how many other races he has been involved in and if he is honest he will say many. It's the way of politics.

What Chism has done is draw attention to the fact that Jerome Withers is in the race against hi m,which may get contributions for the son of legend photographer Ernest Withers. Jerome Withers has not been able to raise funds to mount a serious campaign and has only about 3 large corner signs. It would seem that if Cohen or Wade was behind the campaign of Withers he would be funded.

If the letter was to hurt Cohen or Herenton it will not work. Most political persons that I have spoke with see it as a cheap trick and that Herenton needs to run on the issues and not use Chism to create a issue when there is none.

For Herenton to win he must deal with issues that relate to the every day needs of the citizens, The race factor will not be enough to defeat Cohen. I'm surprise as I speak with common voters and not the political ones in the Black community Herenton does not have the backing he and Chism may think. People are intuned to there needs and only care about who is going to be able to deliver them.

The $360,000 that Cohen requested from the Federal government that was denied was to preserve the many historical pictures of Ernest Withers and should be seen as nothing more. In fact the request was made in 2008 a year before anyone had any real idea that Herenton would be leaving the office of mayor of Memphis.

I'm sure many who do not like the politics of Sidney Chism and Willie Herenton are knocking Jerome Withers door down now to contribute to his campaign hoping that he's able to defeat Chism. Sidney this was not a smart political move.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Democrats will be making a choice on May 4th as to whomn they feel can best represent their interest as county mayor against the republicans million dollar man Mark Luttrell.
Joe Ford who is presently the county mayor has to be considered the front runner, But Deidre Malone plans to take that front position from him. Otis Jackson is being considered by many within the party as the spoiler and will not receive support from democratic leaders.
But the race is not in the hands of the leadership but with the voters. So who do you think should be selected by democrats to take Luttrell on in August? Who do you think has the experience and know how to be county mayor and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates.