Sunday, March 28, 2010


On Tuesday I will be meeting with Congressman Steve Cohen carrying with me the signatures of hundreds of citizens asking that he urge U.S. Attorney Eric Holder to conduct a federal investigation into the killing of Malcolm Shaw by Bartlett police on March 11.2010.

According to a search warrant given to Bartlett police by Judicial Commissioner Rhonda W. Harris , an informant told Bartlett police that he had bought marijuana from Shaw in the past. at 1346 Standridge in North Memphis At this point Bartlett police in violation of state law started an investigation within the city limits of Memphis. The Tennessee Criminal Code states that the authority of a local police department can only extend 1 mile from their incorporated city limits and only within 1 mile of the next city's incorporated city limits.

On March 8.2010 according to the warrant Bartlett police wired the informant and sent him to the Standridge address to buy drugs. the warrant states that the informant purchased 13.3 grams of marijuana and told Bartlett police that he saw a quantity of marijuana in the Standridge street address.

On March 9.2010 at 6:09 pm Bartlett police obtained a search warrant,and hit the Standridge street house on the morning of March 11.2010. Witnesses on the street state that between5-8 officers dressed in SWAT gear hit the the front porch of the house opening a steel door with a pick and busting in the wood door with a ram. Witnesses state that within seconds of the Bartlett police entering the house a shot was heard and they later found out that Malcolm Shaw was dead.

The first news report stated that Shaw met the Bartlett police at the door with a gun in his hand and that Bartlett Narc Patrick CiCi shot him in the front room in self defense. This is totally wrong when I entered the house on Friday March 12,2010 the day after the shooting family members where sweeping portions of fragments from Shaw's body from his bedroom floor,and the blood stains as I have pictured were still on the bed room floor.

On Monday March 15,2010 just two business days after the killing of Shaw Shelby County District Attorney Bill Gibbons without interviewing one witness from Standridge Street ruled the killing justified by way of self defense. How is it that Gibbons in two days can make this ruling? Gibbons has yet to make a public statement concerning how this conclusion was made,neither has he stated what type of weapon was found and why Bartlett police was conducting an investigation within the City of Memphis.

The warrant would make one think that Malcolm Shaw was a big time drug dealer, but Shaw who had had no dealings with police since 2003 was living like a hermit in the Standridge street address which has not had any utilities in several years. Shaw also did not have a running truck or car and was surviving off odd jobs in the neighborhood.

Sheriff Mark Luttrell states that the officers were able to come into Memphis because his office gave the Bartlett police officers special deputy commissions,But the Sheriff goes on to state that the commissions are to aid them in investigations that originate in the city of Bartlett not in Memphis. State Representatives Ulysses Jones and Joe Towns will be asking the Tennessee State Attorney has to whether the Sheriff has the power to circumvent state law by issuing the commission or whether Bartlett police took it upon themselves to violate the law.

Rep. Jones on last week spoke with Mark Glenn the Director of The TBI about conducting an investigation into the killing but was told by Glenn that the TBI cannot get involved with a police shooting without the request of Bill Gibbons. Maybe this is the reason that Gibbons closed the case so soon. Maybe Gibbons knows that the actions of the Bartlett police in not uncommon and has something to hide. The word on the streets is that Bartlett police has made it a practice of robbing drug dealers within the city of Memphis. Which may be the reason that the shooter Patrick CiCi presently has 8 mortgages and live in a $279,000 home in Germantown.

This is not the first time that Congressman Cohen has had to ask The Justice Department to get involved in a case where Gibbons is involved. In the death of Mickey Wright a Code Enforcement agent that was killed and his body burned and chopped up and then buried in a barrel in Mississippi by Dale Mardis, In this matter Gibbons cut a deal where Mardis was to receive only 3 years in prison for this horrible act. Gibbons even promised that the Feds would not come after him. What made Gibbons think that he could cut a federal deal for Mardis?

In the Wright case a group of us went to the Congressman making the same request that I will be making on Tuesday and the Department of Justice did get involved and mardis now sits in a federal prison on hate crime charges.

There are many questions in this case that must be answered the killing of Shaw was wrong.Bartlett police had no business in Memphis originating an investigation , and the ruling by Gibbons was to fast, Are Bartlett police officers robbing drug dealers, and how many commissions has Sheriff Mark Luttrell passed out to other surrounding police departments? I will report on my meeting with the congressman Tuesday afternoon on The Thaddeus Matthews Show.


On Saturday Randy Wade candidate for sheriff of Shelby County kicked off his campaign with one of the most diverse crowds as any Black I've seen running for office thus far this year. There appears to be many White deputy sheriff officers who want to see Wade as the nest sheriff of Shelby County.
Wade who for the last four years has headed up the office of Congressman Steve Cohen states that while he will be tough on crime and especially violent crime,he states that under his administration he the sheriff department will be proactive dealing with parents and education. Wade states that if we can stop the first chance at crime there wont need to be so many programs for a "Second Chance.
Wade states that mental patients should not be locked away at 201 Poplar or the Penal Farm but treated for their illnesses in a facility that deals with mental illness. The candidate who spent over 20 years in the sheriff department stated that he cost $90 per day to house a prisoner causing tax payers a ton of money, but non violent offenders could be monitored for as little as $10 per day with tracking devices attached to their legs saving taxpayers at least $70 per day.
While there are several other candidates in the race for sheriff many believe that Randy Wade is the man to beat and that as far as democrats are concerned he has it sewed it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010




Patrick CiCi the Bartlett police officer who killed Malcolm Shaw in Memphis on March 11,2010 after storming 1346 Standridge on a search warrant for drugs may have a drug history himself. Sources within MPD state that a call was made from Bartlett Police to Central Records asking them to remove CiCi's expungment records from the system so that the past of the narcotic and SWAT member could not be found.

Sources state that in 1988 and 1999 CiCi was arrested for possession of drugs himself,and that he had his record expunged. It is also believed from sources on the street that CiCi and Shaw were not strangers to each other and that CiCi may himself be involved in drug dealing.

CiCi who lives in a appraised home valued at $279,000 at 8785 Gainsway in Germantown also has mortages on 7 other homes according to Memphis Daily News records. those homes are located at 3020 Ruskin mortgage ending 3-1-2039,3965 Pikes Peak mortgage ending 4-1-2035,563 Herring mortgage ending 4-12-33, 4944 Bending Trail mortgage ending 7-1-2039, 1100 Tatum mortgage ending 10-1-2035, 3547 Orchi mortgage ending 10-1-2034, And 3587 Townes mortgage ending 10-1-2034.

The Townes address which CiCi had utilities listed in his name in 2003 is located in an area known as Nutbush which is a area known for drug trafficking and which is also just 2 miles from the Standridge address. Many on the streets wonder how this Bartlett Police officer has been able to afford all these homes on a police salary. I have to wonder why on 2 properties CiCi's wife Gina has to give him power of attorney over the properties.

But the biggest question is why CiCi and other officers were conducting business within Memphis city limits. The search warrant states that Bartlett Police were told by a confidential informant that Malcolm Shaw was storing large amounts of marijuana at the Standridge address. Bartlett Police according to the warrant wired the informant on March 8,2010 and sent him to buy drugs. The warrant states that the informant purchased 13.3 grams of marijuana and stated that large amounts of marijuana was seen in the house.

On March 9,2010 at 6:09 Judicial Commissioner Rhonda Harris signed a search warrant for Bartlett Police and the raid by SWAT members of Bartlett Police took place in Memphis the following day. The report that Shaw met CiCi which according to witnesses on Standridge at the door with a gun in hand and was killed there is a lie. When I entered the house on Friday March 12,2010 portions of Shaw's brain's was being swept off the floor of Shaw's bedroom and as the pics I have posted here shows Shaw's blood stains also on the bedroom floor. The house was torn apart but no drugs were recovered by the out of bounds cops.

Tennessee law states that the officers of Bartlett only have jurisdiction 1 mile from there incorporated city limits so why were the Bartlett Police conducting an investigation and raid within Memphis city limits?. I spoke with Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell on Friday who states that all the officers involved had special commissions given by his department that allows them to go all over the county, But the Sheriff states that the commissions were meant to used by the officers for crimes that originate in the city of Bartlett.

Attorney Javier Bailey which represents the family has received information from another local attorney whose name will not be revealed at this point that there are affidavits in place for a case that states that certain Bartlett Police are operating in Memphis robbing drug dealers and that many of search warrants that have been used by Bartlett Police have been signed by Rhonda Harris.

So is it possible that CiCi and his gang went to Shaw's home to rob him and steal drugs? Is CiCi able to afford 8 mortgages because he in fact is the drug dealer? It is clear that Bartlett police didn't really do a good job at checking out Shaw or they would have known that he has been living in the family house for several years with no MLGW,and no transportation, Is this the lifestyle of a drug dealer?

Another question that must be raised is how after only one business day with no witnesses from Standridge street interviewed District Attorney Bill Gibbons was able to state that the shooting of Malcolm Shaw was justified?

Later this week I will be meeting with Congressman Steve Cohen taking with me hundreds of letters and signatures requesting that he ask U.S. District Attorney Eric Holder to start a federal investigation into the murder of Malcolm Shaw and into Bartlett Police. CiCi surely you didnt think that just because you closed down your Facebook page that a pic of you couldn't be found did you?


Sunday, March 14, 2010


There has been a lot of talk in the past few days concerning whether or not Bartlett Police had the right to come into Memphis to murder Malcolm Shaw at his resident located at 1346 Standridge far from the incorporated city limits of Bartlett Tennessee.
After spending several hours researching state law there is now no doubt that Bartlett had no business in Memphis using police authority. It also appears that Judicial Commissioner Rhonda W. Harris did not have the authority to issue a search warrant to Bartlett Police to be served outside their incorporated city limits.
According to the Tennessee Criminal Code the police authority of all incorporated towns and cites shall only extend to a distance of 1MILE from the incorporated city limits,never to go outside of the county,and never within 1 MILE of any other incorporated town or city.
Here's how the code reads:
6-54-301. Extension of police authority beyond limits. —

The police authority of all incorporated towns and cities shall extend to a distance of one (1) mile from the lawful corporate limits thereof, for the suppression of all disorderly acts and practices forbidden by the general laws of the state; provided, that such jurisdiction of an incorporated town or city shall not be hereby extended beyond the limits of the county in which any part of such town is situated, or so as to come within one (1) mile of any other incorporated town or city.

[Acts 1870, ch. 67, § 1; Shan., § 1924; Code 1932, § 3336; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 6-609.]
CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


On Thursday morning at 1346 Standridge in North Memphis a van load of Bartlett police dressed in swat clothing and masks invaded the blue colored house killing 42 year old Malcolm Shaw.

According to eye witnesses Bartlett police who were out of their jurisdiction stormed the house armed with a SEARCH WARRANT. The witnesses state that officers attempted to use a large pick tool to open the steel door. When the door did not open a ram was used on the pick like object and the steel door opened. The eyewitnesses also state that there was no knock and announce just forceful entry and that all the officers in their swat gear went to the front door and no one to the back. The picture of the front window with the stuff animals is where Shaw was sleeping.

The eyewitnesses state that the Bartlett police at that point used the ram to force the locked wood door open. The witnesses go on to state that when the first officer went through the door the steel door closed shut again forcing the officers to again have to use the pick to open the door. during this short period of time eyewitnesses state that that hear gun fire and that by time the other officers entered the house Malcolm Shaw lay dead in his boxers.

Some local media sources reported that Shaw met the officers at the door with gun in hand, But that is totally untrue Malcolm Shaw was shot in his bedroom as the picture i took inside the bedroom proves as blood stains can be seen.

From the front door which Bartlett police entered to the bedroom is less then 10 feet and I do not believe that Shaw attempted to shoot the Bartlett policeman AKA Patrick Cici but that the officer entered the house to do just what he did kill Shaw and dropped a weapon on him.

It is my belief that the reason that Bartlett police did not notify Memphis police is because the death of Malcolm Shaw was a hit. Their is no doubt that at some point Shaw who family and friends state was living his life as a hermit in a house with no utilities and no vehicle surviving now off odd jobs and grass cutting had at some point sold drugs. But I believe that Shaw and Cici knew each other.

Patrick CiCi who according to Memphis Daily News records has 8 mortgages and lives in a $279,000 home in Germantown supported by his police salary once lived just 2.5 miles from the Standridge address. MLGW records show that in 2000 he had utility service at 3547 Orchi. Orchi street is known to be one of the dope tracks in the Hollywood section of North Memphis. Is it possible Shaw who had asked several elderly neighbors during the week of his death to pray for him had something on CiCi?
CiCi also has mortgages at his present home located at 8785 Gainsway in Germantown, 3020 Ruskin, 3965 Pikes Peak, 563 Herring, 4944 Bending Trail, 1100 Tatum, and 3587 Townes.

The search warrant which was left inside 1326 Standridge which I found on Friday morning shows that the warrant was obtained at 6:09 pm Wednesday evening and signed by Judicial Commissioner Rhonda Harris after being presented with information by a detective R.M. Christian. Legal minds that I have spoken with since this tragic event state that Harris should have questioned Christian about jurisdiction before signing off on the warrant,and that even though a Judicial Commissioner signed the warrant Bartlett police still did not have the right to be on Standridge street.

Lets look at the reasons that Harris and the Bartlett police violated jurisdictional protocol. Reading the Commercial Appeals website some sought to use Tennessee Criminal Code Title 40-6 to justify Bartlett being able to serve the warrant. The code reads "The magistrate issuing the warrant may empower any law enforcement officer to execute the warrant anywhere in the state". But what was not stated in the CA is that this section of the code is speaking on arrest warrants. A officer of the law has the right to arrest any criminal in the state that has an arrest warrant but does not have the power to search property unless in his jurisdiction unless that law enforcement person is one who has county wide jurisdiction such as the Sheriff's department, or state enforcement powers such as the TBI, Highway Patrol.or a federal agency.

There are other questions that also need to be answered such as how did Bartlett police obtain their probable cause? State law requires that to get a search warrant their must had be reason to believe that drugs where at the 1346 Standridge location within 5 days of the issuing of the warrant. So did Bartlett police set up surveillance of the house, or did they buy drugs at the house? either of which would have been a violation. Bartlett which is another city having its own charter and form of government would does not have the right to police within the city limits of Memphis.

Another question is what would Bartlett police have done with Shaw and the drugs if any had been found? With the crime taking place in Memphis they could not take him or the evidence to Bartlett. Another question is when did Shaw sell drugs in Bartlett and without a car how did he get there. And if Shaw was a big time drug dealer why was he living in a house with no MLGW and had to fancy car and rims

It is my belief that Patrick CiCi is a dirty cop and that it was his intent on Thursday to kill Malcolm Shaw. The mere fact that Shaw was seeking prayer gives me to believe that he was going to die. How is it that this Bartlett police officer can afford to pay 8 mortgages on his salary while his wife Gina is a stay at home mom? Is the real drug dealer Cici? In checking Gina Cici's SS# 415-47-XXXX it has also been used under the name of Vicki Valentine in Bradford Tennessee, just one of those things that make you go hmmmmm.

As for the gun, friends and neighbors state they have never seen Shaw with a gun, Is it possible that CiCi had a drop gun ready to make it appear as though Shaw came at him with a gun and how did the other officers allow themselves to get locked out? Now isn't that convenient?
The Justice Department needs to launch an investigation into this matter and seized the dispatcher's communication between the officers from the time they left Bartlett until the time they arrived on Standridge... Surely the dispatcher knew where they were going.


Later today I will provide the facts surrounding Bartlett Police storming a North Memphis home and killing 42 year old Malcolm Shaw. In leaving the scene Bartlett Police left a copy of their SEARCH WARRANT which i will post here as well. Some media source stated that Shaw met the officers with a gun,I will show with pictures of the blood stains that Shaw was killed in his bed room.

I will question how the shooting officer Patrick Cici could own 7 properties in Shelby County including a house 2.5 miles from the location of the shooting on a Barlett police officer's salary including the $279,000 house he lives in in Germantown with his stay at home wife Gina.

Whose really the drug dealer? this police officer or the man with no car and living like a hermit in a house with no utilities?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


According to sources within the Memphis Police Department Officer Anthony Godwin son of police director Larry Godwin was involved in a 3-4 car accident on Thursday of last week where he left the scene with his father's help.

Sources say the accident took place on Jefferson near the Med. its said that after hitting the cars Godwin who is stated to have been into called his father who sent his assistant Mike Shearin to the scene. Shearin following orders advised the dispatcher to disregard the LT. making the scene. The dispatcher advised Shearin that he had a patrolman's rank and couldn't disregard a supervisor.

Sources say that no traffic car made the scene,No accident report was taken and that Anthony Godwin was taken away from the scene by Shearin and taken to Lakeside. Information is that Director Godwin made the scene and advised the accident victims that OCU would take care of the damages.

Sources state that Anthony Godwin has a serious drinking problem and that he was arrested last year in Bartlett using his undercover name and when it was discovered who he was the incident was covered up by Bartlett police.

Isn't leaving the scene of a accident a crime for normal citizens? Isn't Larry Godwin's aiding his son aiding and abetting thought that a criminal? Larry Godwin stated last week that it's his goal to rid MPD of all of it's thugs,Well what about the one at his house? Will A.C. look the other way, of course he will.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sources within COGIC state that Dickerson L.S. Wells pastor of Bethel COGIC here in Memphis who also serves as a trustee of the national organization was asked to resign his position of superintendent By Presiding Bishop Charles Blake after it was found that Wells had diverted church funds for his personal use.

As Superintendent here in Memphis Wells was the highest ranking official of the national church having control of church funds and properties. Its said that Wells diverted a $20,000 check belonging to COGIC for his own personal use.

Sources state that Bishop Blake flew into Memphis several weeks ago and ask the stealing preacher to step down. There are those within COGIC who will seek to have Wells removed as a national trustee,But since he was elected by the General Assembly only that body I understand can remove him.


Monday, March 1, 2010


There are radio stations and radio programs that state that they are number one but cannot document it as fact. Most subscribe to Arbitron which they pay hundreds of thousands to do so,but can not actually state how many persons listened to there broadcast. In fact according to Arbitron's fall book 'The Thaddeus Matthews Show" beat WDIA's Jeff Lee and WREC's Ben Ferguson in the afternoons.

On February 21,2009 I started using a online streaming company called SYNCLIVE which allows my show to be viewed in real time each day from 4-7 pm. SYNCLIVE also allows me to archive my shows for later viewing,they also do a daily accounting of those who click on to view the show both on SYNCLIVE.COM and this site.

According to their accounting between February 21,2009 and January 8,2010 there were 790,248 viewers of "The Thaddeus Matthews Show" online of which 772.687 views took place right here on this site. As you can see from the documents there are shows with blank numbers which are the shows that i did not choose to archive. So it's very safe to state that over 800,000 people viewed my show.

The 800,000 viewers have nothing to do with the countless thousands that listen each day only by way of radio. So advertisers the best place to spend your advertising dollars is with a show that can document at least 800,000- 1,000,000 viewers and listeners and will hear about your product or political position.