Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sources within the county jail concerned that jailers would be blamed for the release of Dearick Stokes contacted me to give documents to show that the screw up came from the Criminal Court clerk's office and especially the clerk in Div5.

he source states that Stokes was released as all inmates are. According to the source the jail computers did not state that Stokes had been sentenced and that he was out on a $250,000 bond.

The first document posted comes from the computer that jailers see, it does not show anything about the murder charge at all. The document shows that the domestic assault bodily harm charge dismissed. The source states that the documents only show a dismissed charge with Stokes having to return May 13, 2010 for sentencing.

The second document shows that even as of yesterday that Stokes paper work states that he's releasable. Sources deny Judge Lammney's position that jailers did not understand what releasable meant. The source states that on the paperwork if Stokes had a hold on him or waiting to be transferred there would be a N where there is a Y on the paperwork, meaning NO he can not be released. The source states that the documents being shown on Tv stating that Stokes had a life sentence were not in his jacket. The source also states that when a person is to be transferred to another facilty such as to Nashville where the Y is seen would state where the person is to be transferred to.

Sources were also concerned that when Stokes file was removed from the Criminal Court Clerks office that the spin and cover up was on where low level employees would be blamed for just doing their job.

As for Stokes he should receive the dumbest criminal award for still being in Memphis, How do you get a second chance at freedom and only get as far as the Relax Inn on Third? Why did'nt his father and brother get him a bus ticket or since they were helping him just put him in the trunk of the car and take him to Mexico or somewhere.



Anonymous said...

Hey Fats!
Had to comment.
Poor negroe got fucked by his own brother! Stool pigeons in the negro community got to go!

Anonymous said...

As a jailer we always get blamed it's not our fault. we only follow orders daily. All case information
entered in the computer comes from the courts. So please be advised we are not the only one who deals with the inmates nor their information. I can say thank you thaddeus for your help, you are the only one who clear our name.

Anonymous said...


Mark Luttrell is breathing a sigh of relief more than anybody in Memphis now that the notorious convicted killer Dearick Stokes has been captured and is back behind bars.

The recapture of Dearick removes the cloud from around Luttrell's competence as sheriff and puts him firmly back in control in the Shelby County mayoral race. As long as Stokes remained on the loose, Joe Ford had a chance, but now old Joe can forget it. He will be gone as mayor after September.

Having juvenile diabetes, Dearick Stokes' ride to freedom was doomed from the start. Sooner or later he would more than likely have had complications related to the disease and would have had to check into a medical facility.

So the stupidity of Dearick's brother, Bobby Partee, may well have saved Dearick's life. But still, how dumb can one get? What fool is going to go into the enemy camp at 201 Poplar Avenue for some kind of relief? Partee may have been better off entering a lion's den wearing a pork chop suit.

The Stokes screw-up from the Criminal Court Clerk's may not have happened if Bill Key were still in charge. But the retiring Key has been ill and has not been able to devote full time to his duties as Criminal Court Clerk.

Anonymous said...

There are so many brothers, sisters, cousins and fellow pill pushers, all looking alike, what do you expect those brothers/ . . . . etc. to do? They are all products of the newly integrated and knifing toting Memphis City School System.

Matthews will never run out of material when you stop and consider what King Willie brought into city government. Matthews, you need not embellish your stories, they are as good a comedy as exists.

Anonymous said...

Poster, this city's reputation has no room for an ignoramus like Joe Ford managing an almost billion dollar budget where he can't comprehend even a family budget.

"As long as Stokes remained on the loose, Joe Ford had a chance, but now old Joe can forget it. He will be gone as mayor after September."

Wendy Thomas, in this Thursday's Commercial Appeal, sure hit the nail on the head with her column about Joe Ford. This guy wouldn't qualify as a clown act at a Ford family reunion whether it's gathered just outside of a criminal court or in the visitor's lounge at a federal pen.

Surely, this city need not be represented by twenty five year old Justin Ford, his about the same age cousin, Edmund Ford, Jr. along with that absentee drunk, Ophelia Ford plus the most stupid candidate for public office in recent years, their elder uncle, cousin, what have you, Joe Ford.

Citizens, you could prove yourself competent by finally ridding the community of that weird and self serving Ford family.

Anonymous said...

Jake Stokes, father of dum dum Dearick Stokes, and Bobby Partee,brother of Dearick, had an entire week to get Dearick out of town.

But instead, Bobby goes to 201 Poplar Avenue to argue with the police about himself being personally harrassed by police and the only thing that happens is that he ends up squealing Dearick's whereabouts.

Now Dearick is in jail for life as convicted and Bobby and their stupid father Jake are locked up at 201 Poplar under $250,000 bonds each.

It kind of reminds you of Algonquin J. Calhoun of the old Amos 'n Andy tv show. Lawyer Calhoun went to the police station to demand justice for his client, George "Kingfish" Stephens, only to discover that his picture is on a WANTED poster. The scene ends with Calhoun being dragged away to a jail cell.

And we always thought that Amos 'n Andy was fiction.

Black Lion said...

I Believe Dearick's conscience wouldn't allow him to run no further than South Memphis. Once again Blacks are immuned with the murder of a Black man (Bryan Hatchett) by another. Blacks have been smitten with Maddness (Deuteronomy 28:28. The Jokes about this murderer clearly proves this.

Anonymous said...

What does the word "mines" mean? Look it up in the dictionary. Our county mayor uses this word. The leader of our county.

It's sort of like how the black community uses the word, their, by saying "they". As in, we went over to
"they" house? THEY HOUSE. What the hell does that mean.

I understand the mistreated, inner city, uneducated youths doing this, but our county mayor who's last name is Ford?????? I thought they were educated folks that only took advantage of "they" own during a funeral, as Thaddeus had described.

Anonymous said...

"And we always thought that Amos 'n Andy was fiction."

April 29, 2010 3:34 PM


The headline of the Commercial Appeal column regarding the recapture of Stokes inferred that he helped the police recapture his brother. That he did, but it was only for the purpose of helping himself.

danielpaige73 said...

Not only can a white man not trust a black. Even a black man can not trust his own blood brother. It is a total shame how blacks will sell out their own. The curse of Cain strikes again.

Brenda said...

I love when you say screw big daddy

Rascal said...

"And we always thought that Amos 'n Andy was fiction."

It is alive and well in Memphis. Now the lawyer role of Calhoun is played by Jay Bailey; Kingfish, the slug looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, is played by Thaddeus; and Andy, the poor victim of the other two, is played by all the blacks in Memphis who believe what the other two are saying. I guess the role of Amos goes unfilled due to lack of a hard-working, clear-thinking black man in this city.

Anonymous said...

Thad, the Criminal Court Clerk's office messed up and they are trying to blame it on the jailers.
Thad would you please do a show on illegal immigration and how it is hurting the Black community. I saw a documentary on how most of the jobs at these chicken factories use to be done by Blacks.
Because these companies wanted cheap labor, they got rid of the Blacks and hired Mexicans. Thad I am so sick and tired of the Mexicans saying that they do jobs that other races don't do. This is a lie. Blacks and Whites own lawn services. Blacks and Whites do construction and will work as a day laborer. I have Black men and White men knock on my door soliciting yard work so that they can pay their bills. The media has convinced the Black man that the White man is his enemy. Even though racism does exist Blacks and Whites need to know that they are striving for the same thing. We all want a share of the American pie. Also I would like for you to do a show on how there is a Ethnic Cleasing of Blacks in the West Coast. Mexicans are killing Blacks in California, just because they are Black. The reason that Arizona passed that Immigration Bill is because they are tired of the violence and financial drain that has been caused by illegal immigration. If you were to search the internet you will find that Blacks and Whites are uniting against illegal immigration because they know that their survival depends on it. Also do a story on how a Arizona deputy was shot and wounded on Friday by a illegal immigrant.

Anonymous said...

"I saw a documentary on how most of the jobs at these chicken factories use to be done by Blacks."

It's as simple as the fact that the White Democrats now cater to those of Spanish descent because there are more of them. The snack bar for the African American voter is now closed other than the pleas Obama will be making to you that voted for him in the past will save his skinny in the fall elections. Face it, you have been had. There is no free ride. The country is in debt up to it's ear

Anonymous said...


May 1, 2010 8:21 PM

National issues are over the head of Matthews. Keep it simple, keep it in the hood, that's the limit for Matthews.

Anonymous said...

If Joe Ford had any sense of decency he would never have run for a full four years. WHAT A CREEP WE HAVE IN JOE FORD! HE LIED HIS WAY INTO OFFICE, HE CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

Anonymous said...

If you were to search the internet you will find that Blacks and Whites are uniting against illegal immigration because they know that their survival depends on it.

White folks are against illegal immigrants being rewarded for violating federal law - being in this country illegally... has nothing to do with white survival.

If whites were concerned about their population numbers, they could do like every other race in this country and start breeding like rabbits. But they don't because they know what they bring into this world, they will have to take care of - not let the tit of the feddy g'ment do it for them.

And if you found this on the Internet, you should have also found that you stand side by side Tea Party Patriots (white and black ones) on this issue.