Sunday, March 14, 2010


There has been a lot of talk in the past few days concerning whether or not Bartlett Police had the right to come into Memphis to murder Malcolm Shaw at his resident located at 1346 Standridge far from the incorporated city limits of Bartlett Tennessee.
After spending several hours researching state law there is now no doubt that Bartlett had no business in Memphis using police authority. It also appears that Judicial Commissioner Rhonda W. Harris did not have the authority to issue a search warrant to Bartlett Police to be served outside their incorporated city limits.
According to the Tennessee Criminal Code the police authority of all incorporated towns and cites shall only extend to a distance of 1MILE from the incorporated city limits,never to go outside of the county,and never within 1 MILE of any other incorporated town or city.
Here's how the code reads:
6-54-301. Extension of police authority beyond limits. —

The police authority of all incorporated towns and cities shall extend to a distance of one (1) mile from the lawful corporate limits thereof, for the suppression of all disorderly acts and practices forbidden by the general laws of the state; provided, that such jurisdiction of an incorporated town or city shall not be hereby extended beyond the limits of the county in which any part of such town is situated, or so as to come within one (1) mile of any other incorporated town or city.

[Acts 1870, ch. 67, § 1; Shan., § 1924; Code 1932, § 3336; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 6-609.]
CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


It would seem that the district attorney, Bill Gibbons, would be well aware that Rhonda Harris and the cops from the Bartlett Police Department broke the law in the murder of Malcolm Shaw.

Both Harris and the cops should be arrested and charged with murder. Harris should be charged with second-degree murder for issuing an unlawful search warrant and the cops should be charged with first-degree, pre-meditated murder.

But don't expect the polecat district attorney to do anything but look the other way. He is a crook himself and would not dare get involved and move against these law enforcement agency criminals.

Remember the Elbert Jefferson case that Gibbons threw himself into with all the power of his office? That is more his speed, something lame and insignificant.

And don't expect the United States Justice Department to come calling either. Because of Malcolm Shaw's past troubles with the law, any Justice Department complaint would go directly into File 13 with no response.

Without a doubt the civil rights of Malcolm Shaw were violated and led to his untimely demise. The family of Malcolm Shaw should file suit against the law enforcement criminals in federal court.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to file a HUGH civil wrongful death lawsuit... just to get things rolling in this election season!

After all the local NAACP is dead, especially since MARCH is their month to beg from the "do-good white folks" at their annual ball!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Thad for doing what the big boys can't. Im sure now that you have done the research other media sources will try to take credit for it

Anonymous said...

Brother Thaddeus:

Here we have another example of what I have been saying for a couple of years now. The Police are all over the Afro American neighborhoods yet they still have major crime statistics!

An Afro American man in his own home, isn't safe from these people. I'd like to see what would happen if the cops broke in on one of these white peckerwood's out in Germantown or east Memphis and shot the damn place up!!

The cops shot up a white woman's mutt assed dogs and we had Wharton, Godwin and every other house cat trying to fire the cops what did the deed! They even paid the medical bill of the damn dog! Who is going to foot the bill for Mr. Shaw? They going to simply put him in the landfill like they do most Afro Americans killed by the cops?

I again advocate to my brothers and sisters that no man--cop--security guard--or whatever should put their damn hands on you. If they do, then, send their ass to the cemetery!
If you get confronted by a cop in Memphis, have witnesses or tape and video going.

There is an evil, sinister, mindset with these cops and it must be stopped dead in it's tracks. If the attorney general won't do it, then we must do it any means necessary! Before any one else's child or elderly parent is blown away over nothing by rogue, uncontrolled cops.

What does one do with a mad dog roaming about the streets?

"I Gotz Mines!"

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect on this point. I am not interested in giving you more information though!

At least this is keeping you busy for a few days.

RT Koenig said...

This case is far from closed. There are too many questions yet unanswered. Questions such as, what sort of weapon did the victim allegedly pull on the officer? what evidence did the search warrant uncover? what crime did the victim allegedly commit in Bartlett?
I trust that these answers will come out because of the public attention this case has received. The officer's finances also raise questions that should be examined. I hope your show keeps the pressure on MPD to conduct a thorough investigation. If it was a tragic mistake, Mr. Shaw's family is due compensation for wrongful death. If it was more than a tragic mistake, criminal charges will be in order.



Anonymous said...

"I again advocate to my brothers and sisters that no man--cop--security guard--or whatever should put their damn hands on you. If they do, then, send their ass to the cemetery!'

Miz, you really talk stupid.

Anonymous said...


We are still waiting for Mayor A. C. Wharton to speak up against injustice in the Malcolm Shaw murder case.

But his priority seems to be that dogs are not abused inside the city limits, personally intervening to compensate a citizen whose dogs were shot by the police.

How long will we have to wait before A.C. issues a statement regarding the Malcolm Shaw murder by Bartlett cops?

Maybe Myron Lowery will issue a statement regarding this case. But maybe not. He is too busy doing his usual Bruce Bruce impersonation.

Apparently Wharton and the Memphis City Council have to get permission from Lord Larry Godwin before they do anything. And Lord Godwin is not about to budge.

Only in Memphis!

GGordonLiddy said...

Thaddeus, look dude. You have been trusting to many "lawyers" like Javier Bailey. I heard him on your show the other day. It's no wonder he loses every case he gets. First of all, the SEARCH warrant is issued to "any peace officer of said County" among others. Also, as long as one officer has a county commission, they are authorized to go outside Bartlett. And as long as the investigation started in their jurisdiction, they are allowed to go wherever that investigation leads them. Not to mention that Bartlett has concurrent jurisdiction with Shelby County Gen. Sessions court. So, once again, your source has given you bad information.

Anonymous said...

As usual Matthews, you're wrong. The law you copied and pasted here concerns municipal matters such as crimes that occur within a certain jurisdiction.

Warrants can only be issued by a county; therefore, any sheriff's deputy or peace officer within that county can execute a warrant. For example, if the county issues a search warrant for a house in Germantown, a Memphis officer can execute that warrant because he is a peace officer within Shelby County.

Even Jay Bailey knows this and he's the worst lawyer in the world.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that Bartlett does as Memphis and have their invesitgators deputized by the county sheriff, this allows them to operate anywhere in the county without worrying about city lines. Some investigators like Auto Cargo are "deputized" by the FBI this allows them to cross state lines.

So Thad you are correct in what you stating about the law, but there are ways around it.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gibbons says your full of shit Thaddeus.

Anonymous said...

"CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!"

YUP!. . . . .YUP!


Just like all the whimsies of
Thaddeus Matthews.

Anonymous said...

"But his priority seems to be that dogs are not abused inside the city limits, personally intervening to compensate a citizen whose dogs were shot by the police."

Hey dimwit, it's little wonder that your kids can't make it in the dumbed down city school system. They have a Papa that doesn't realize dogs don't point guns at police officers.

This is a case for Jazzy Bailey to bring suit for a half billion and he wont even have to ride a bus across the river to plant tater wraps and soda bottles.

Anonymous said...

"The Police are all over the Afro American neighborhoods yet they still have major crime statistics!"

Remember when Willie Sutton said the reason he robbed banks was because that's where the money is. So, is it wrong for the police being all over African American neighborhoods as that is where the crime is. As for the tail end of the above quote, it's meaningless.

Jeff Lee said...

We at WDIA don't care about what you do.

Anonymous said...


Despite what the law says, the polecat district attorney Bill Gibbons quickly announced that his office has no intention to prosecute the Bartlett cop who murdered Malcolm Shaw.

The polecat's decision came after a one-minute investigation. This is polecat justice.

This is the kind of justice that Gibbons and his crooked cronies love to hand out. Gibbons is actually an anachronism, a throwback to racist district attorneys of the early 20th century.

And this is the man who would bring blatant racism to the governor's seat.

Anonymous said...

God Damn Whitey Bill whitewashing everything.

Anonymous said...

3:25 p.m. March 15 must have been on the crime scene since he is implying that Malcolm Shaw pointed a gun at police officers from Bartlett.

This is something that has really not been determined and really something that we will probably never know.

But where is the proof that Malcolm Shaw even had a gun to point at the Bartlett police officers who had no business being in Memphis in the first place?

Can we really trust the word of cops who were already breaking the law by initiating a drug hit outside their jurisdiction?

And where were the drugs? And why would cops zero in on a so-called hustler living in a house with no utilities and with no access to an automobile? How can any intelligent person believe that this man was a big time drug dealer?

There are entirely too many questions in this case, questions that Bill Gibbons and his goons do not want answered.

But what we do know is that Malcolm Shaw was shot down like a dog in cold blood by rogue cops who should have stayed in Bartlett. And if "Jazzy" Bailey can help bring about justice in this case, he should be commended instead of ridiculed.

Anonymous said...

March 15, 2010 7:28 AM
Blogger RT Koenig said...

This case is far from closed.


And you are a dumbass honkey too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thaddeus, you can include a letter from me joining the signing of any pettion for the wrongful death of Malcolm Shaw. Who's to say he had a gun, he can no longer defend himself, it seems to me that the law enforcement itself has become somewhat lawless. Not all just some.
PS I use to like AC Wharton, but now I regret that I voted for him.

Anonymous said...

I like your show and I feel that you enlighten the community and for that I would like to say thank you.

You talk about handkerchief head negros, but what do you call it when you don't act with no class, tact or professionalism? I know that this is "SHOCK" radio, but if you want to have a dialogue with your audience, especially if someone is trying to talk to you like the officer was on yesterday, let him get his point out. We know that you can talk loud and curse, but that's not the payoff you're looking for in this matter. The payoff should be trying to get as much correct information to your listeners. Maybe the officer was wrong, I don't know. If he was wrong he still deserved to be respected and not talked to like he did the shooting. You should hear from some of the other police officers today who can dispute what he is saying or maybe your lawyer will call in and set the record straight.

Last but not least, if you are going to take the time to talk to someone let it be a conversation, listen to what they have to say. You will probably be upset by my comment but treating people right and respectful should be warranted in all cases not just in civil rights cases.

I love your show and will continue to listen but I feel that everyone should be respected, especially when they're not disrespecting you.

Remember if you get the opportunity to go to Washington and speak with Eric Holder regarding this very important matter. You can't talk loud and curse him out if he disagrees with something you say.

legal mamma jamma said...

Here is the Law:

Municipal police officers are authorized to execute state arrest warrants outside the municipal limits and within their county, pursuant to T.C.A.' 40-6-210, which states:

A warrant may be executed by any sheriff, or officer acting as sheriff, or the sheriff’s deputy, or marshal, or police officer of any city or town, acting within the sheriff’s county, or by any other person authorized by law...

No distinction is made between misdemeanor and felony warrants. Municipal police officers may even serve executions issued by the municipal court for unpaid fines and court costs outside city limits and within the county. T.C.A.' 6-54-303(b). See also TN Attorney General Opinion No. 98-153.

2. Rule 41 of the Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure addresses search warrants with the following provisions:

(a) Authority to Issue Warrant-- A search warrant authorized by
this rule may be issued by a magistrate with jurisdiction within the county wherein the property sought is located, upon request of the
district attorney general or assistant or criminal investigator, or any
other law enforcement officer.
The potential liabilities which exist in these situations differ. When serving an arrest warrant outside the municipality, the officer “shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges, exemptions and immunities as if such duty or activity were performed within the corporate limits of the incorporated city or town by which such person is employed.” T.C.A.' 6-54-307(c).
Liability would therefore extend to the municipality, subject to the Governmental Tort Liability Act.

legal mamma jamma said...

T.C.A. 6-54-302. Service of warrants outside city. —

Any duly and regularly appointed police officer of a municipality having a duly constituted city or municipal court has the authority to serve warrants for the arrest of persons for municipal offenses committed within the municipal limits, at any point within the county wherein the municipality is located.

[Acts 1941, ch. 11, § 1; C. Supp. 1950, § 3343.1; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 6-610.]

Anonymous said...

CODE 2Q + 2Q = 4Q [2 MATTHEWS]

Anonymous said...

Hey Thaddeus...I have a couple of questions...

1. How long are you going to run this story in the ground? Long enough to incite the community and reel in some more listeners?

2. Once you've reeled in the listeners, how much time of your show are you going to set aside each day to solicit donations out of the suckers?

Anonymous said...

Remember if you get the opportunity to go to Washington and speak with Eric Holder regarding this very important matter. You can't talk loud and curse him out if he disagrees with something you say.

There is no way under the sun that a buffoon like Matthews will get an audience with the Attorney General of the United States. This is another one of his scams to milk donations out of his listeners.

Anonymous said...

Thad, do you know if any photos were taken at the crime scene before the body was moved. Also I wonder what evidence the blood splatter shoes. Thad we need to petition the Federal Government to look at all of the evidence to see if this incident happened the way that it did. I also heard that the MPD has closed the case also.

Anonymous said...

I AM OUTRAGED SADDENED ANGRY AND HURT OVER THE DEATH OF MR SHAW As I prepare for the funeral of my friend it hurts to see all of the negative comments being made as if he were not a human being whose life was taken away from him. Its scarey to know that I can be in bed asleep and be awakened by a thunderous, jump up grab protection and go see what is going on in MY HOME and be killed sight on seen the way Malcolm was. The sad part is he never made from his room to investigate before being shot and killed. Okay lets say they were yelling Police last night is a prime example how robbers will storm a home yelling police. Where is the Justice for my friend. I am saddened that there hasnt been anything said about this by our community leaders. If BPD had come to Memphis and killed a dog A.C. Wharton GrayHeaded A## would be all over the news and mad at Bartlett. My friend Malcolm as you Rest In Peace I have only had restless nights. You were my friend and you were there for me and now I must be your Voice Love Your Girl Derna.

Anonymous said...


Both Mike Nifong of the notorious Duke University Lacrosse scandal and Bill Gibbons were sworn to uphold the law as district attorneys in their respective counties.

But Nifong decided to use his office for political gain by framing the Duke lacrosse players in a fake rape case. Eventually his intentions were unmasked and he resigned in disgrace.

There is very little difference between Nifong and Bill Gibbons.
Both of them are polecats with their own agenda, and the hell with the laws they were sworn to uphold.

And once again, Bill Gibbons has been exposed for the rogue district attorney he is in the Malcolm Shaw murder case. Who ever heard of a one-day investigation of a case with so many unanswered questions? It is obvious that this polecat did not even bother to investigate.

Bill Gibbons has become reckless with the constitutional rights of our citizens. Instead of upholding the law, he is doing just the opposite. And if he is not careful, he will suffer the same fate of fellow polecat Mike Nifong.

Gibbons should resign as Shelby County district attorney or he should be impeached and removed from office.

Anonymous said...

@Jeff Lee, you obviously do care because you are on HIS blog!

The major question that needs to be answered is,

"Where is the weapon?"

Anonymous said...

I am still confused. Why didn't the city of Memphis Police Department or the Shelby County Sheriff's Department deliver the search warrant? This is very "fishy." Question: Did Shaw sell this dope for one of Bartlett's police and tricked him out of money or product and he was murdered to cover up information? This is one weird case.



hcharlesh said...

What A shameless act by the cops, and something needs to be done for there actions.

Anonymous said...

"A warrant may be executed by any sheriff, or officer acting as sheriff,......"
I sure wish this hadn't been posted.
Every single time one of these hillbillies tries to be the real police somebody gets their ass killed!

S.Goodman or G.Selby for example: They tried the rough stuff like the real deal and ended up pumped, slumped, and dumped at the landfill.

The graveyards are full of wannabe dumbasses. Leave the real policing to the dough bellied peckerwoods in Memphis. (Or rather the ones that have seen their own dick without a mirror in the past 10 years!)

Anonymous said...

Thad, as it was stated on your show yesterday that an informant told the Bartlett Police that he had brought drugs from the young man. Then the idea came to me that maybe the Memphis Police Department is letting other cities Police Departments come into Memphis and conduct so called drug bus so that they can receive training. I feel that the reason that the MPD is silent on this matter is because this has probably
happened before. Also has the politicians already consolidated Memphis and Shelby County without the citizens even voting on it. It seems as if A.C. Wharton has already given up the City of Memphis Charter. I hope that the Justice Department look into this matter and also the Beale Street matter.

Anonymous said...

poster posted:

"1. How long are you [Matthews] going to run this story in the ground? Long enough to incite the community and reel in some more listeners?"

It is an accepted fact in the above 50 IQ community that not a single one of Matthews' ignoramus tirades have ever gone anywhere. A challenge has been made, name one.

These surveillance cameras must be set for "motion detection" + "Afro-American" as they never seem to catch those white boys committing crimes. Or is it, that Chico's boys just convert those white boyimages with a positive to negative setting so as to change light to dark as they go about persecuting the brothers?

Just ask any ten people who they think are responsible for the high crime rate in Memphis. It ain't Chico.

Anonymous said...

Maybe another dope peddler has been sent to the wood shed. Has anyone consider that while they are condemning white officials for even getting up in the morning.

The court house is stuffed with Afro-Americans who are really doing great jobs, but there are still one or two white officials in office, but from the looks of some racist attitudes, they should be replaced by someone like Rickey Peate, John Ford, Roscoe Dixon, Michael Dixon, etc. Would Willie Herenton go along with there being a little white representation since almost one half of the city unfortunately is not black.


"Without a doubt the civil rights of Malcolm Shaw were violated and led to his untimely demise."

Where do you get off with, "Without a doubt . . . ."?

Anonymous said...

Black Power
First Thaddeus Matthews I would like to thank you for being a strong powerful voice in the Black community. My heart and Prayers go to Malcolm Shaw family and loved ones.I pray patrick cici MUTT ASS and his peckerwood crew suffer so that they wish they never been born.

Anonymous said...


All of Memphis is still waiting for a black Memphis leader to protest the cruel execution-style murder of Malcom Shaw by rogue cops from Bartlett.

Mayor A.C. Warton so far is acting like nothing ever happened. His silence can only indicate that it is perfectly all right for any armed agency to enter this city and murder black people with impunity.

County Mayor Joe Ford hasn't protested the murder of Malcolm Shaw either, but apparently he would have to get permission from his boss, Harold Ford, Sr., before getting involved.

And once again, where is that garden club. the local NAACP, headed by Johnnie Turner, the biggest Aunt Jemima of all time?

And where is the pompous militant Dwight Montgomery? Is he at home hiding under a table?

City Council members have said nothing. They should be outraged that the Bartlett Police Department and the rogue district attorney, the super bigot Bill Gibbons, have declared open season on black folks in Memphis.

But yet we have nothing from the black leadership in Memphis. Don't these fools have any idea as to how serious this Malcolm Shaw situation is?

Memphis black leadership is impotent and disgusting. Black leaders in this town are a do-nothing group and then have the nerve to criticize Thaddeus Matthews for trying to bring justice to the poor black people of Memphis.

God help us all!

Anonymous said...

Here is a little tip:
There is an under the radar unit operating out of the MPD called "The Police Foundation".

A former Deputy Chief, Jim Tusant, is directing it. As with the Wharton contoversy and the appointments made....who is paying Mr. Tusant's salary? A private foundation or is the City funding his salary?
As of yet there have been no appointments to fill the Deputy Director slot at MPD. Is the money for this position paying Mr. Tusant's salary?
If you make a contribution to this foundation do you get a free get out of jail card or some other amenity?
If you contribute to it, do you get a personal cop car parked in front of your home?
Do the "haves" now possess an inroad where the "have nots" don't?
I submitted these questions under a FOIA letter and have received no response.
Sounds like a job for Perrusquia, Maki, et, al.

Anonymous said...

Why couldnt the Bartlett Police have issued a Search Warrant at Thaddeus Matthews house....

Anonymous said...

" . . . is perfectly all right for any armed agency to enter this city and murder black people with impunity. . . ."

Please try not to post as does Mr. Stupid, himself. You have no right to use the word murder as you are likewise a nothing racist just trying to stir the pot to satisfy your own inadequacy. If this man drew a gun on a police officer, it makes little difference who shot him. That is not murder

Anonymous said...


A.C. Wharton got punked in the Malcolm Shaw murder case.

If Willie Herenton had still been mayor, there is no way that the criminal cops would have dared come into Memphis from Bartlett and slay a Memphis citizen.

White people in the community may outwardly show their love and affection for A.C.,but they have about as much respect for the new city mayor as they have for one of the bitches in the animal shelters that Wharton idolizes and protects.

Let's face it: we have elected a gray-haired sissy to the city mayor's office. And what we see now is what we get!

Anonymous said...


Thaddeus Matthews should cut his operational expenses on KWAM 990 by hosting a one-hour daily show instead of a three-hour show. It would be just as effective.

Three thousand dollars per week is just too much money to be giving KWAM for its only viable show. Everything else on KWAM is pure radio wasteland with only a few bored listeners.

All of the money that the greedy KWAM management is receiving from Matthews, now estimated at nearly $150,000 per year, could go toward blacks owning and maintaining their own radio station. And with technology as advanced as it is today, a web-based only Thaddeus Matthews Show might be possible.

But $3,000 per week to a radio station that really has only one popular broadcast each day, The Thaddeus Matthews Show? This is highway robbery and it must be stopped!

Anonymous said...


Matthews, It's really none of your business.

Another dreamer posted:

"All of the money that the greedy KWAM management is receiving from Matthews, now estimated at nearly $150,000 per year, could go toward blacks owning and maintaining their own radio station."

Then why doesn't Matthews just go to a black owned station and air his stupid and perverted logic. For sure, this wouldn't shut up posters like this one who just whimpers for something he had better learn to earn himself. Ask Obama for a lawnmower and get yourself ready for a little summer work and stop worrying about conning a share of the income of those who are willing to work for a living.

The owner of that radio station has bills to pay himself for services rendered to him. The poster is the greedy one in that he wants something for nothing as he wishes upon a star.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about the 1 hour radio station. I think that Thaddeus is getting a raw deal from the radio station.

I also have another comment on the officer from Bartlett who shot Malcom Shaw, it is alleged that the officer only makes $27,000.

The next question is how did he qualify for a house that cost almost $300,000.00 and 7 mortgages on a $27,000.00 salary?

What kind of the relationship does he have with the bank?

Most banks will not make these many
loans to someone who only makes $27,000.00.

Thaddeus - you're doing a great job!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A parking lot purse snatcher came up with:

"But $3,000 per week to a radio station that really has only one popular broadcast each day, The Thaddeus Matthews Show? This is highway robbery and it must be stopped!"

Maybe those six friends will come up with $500.00 apiece. Might be partially in food stamps and hot merchandise, but either beats a cancelled credit card.

Personally speaking, the frequent slayings in this burg should be given a little more attention than the justifiable shooting of gun toting drug dealers in self defense. The every other day of random shooting is our real problem, not a once in a while act of bravery by a police officer whose duty is to protect our citizens from lawless elements that they are required to deal with.

Don't you citizens care about the innocent victims that are killed every month by gangs and drug dealers? Seems you don't give a hoot about your brothers and sisters. Matthews, have you spent a dimes worth of time on this problem?

Anonymous said...

Now what in the hell is the big deal here?

Negroes rampaging up in North Memphis with AK-47's and shooting innocent people on buses.

Anyone who crosses the city limit lines to enter Memphis, is either crazy or a damn fool. Memphis has become a dangerous place to be.
Thaddeus doesn't even live in Memphis and his "butt-buddy" Herenton lives in a gated, guarded compound.

And we are worried about Bartlett killing a damn junkie? If the bastard had been at work like a normal person, he wouldn't have gotten shot would he?

Landfill gettin crowded ain't it?

Anonymous said...


All of the crooks responsible for the murder of Malcolm Shaw are now scrambling like rats to get their lies straight before real investigations begin.

In this morning's Commercial Appeal(March 20)we have the Bartlett mayor, Keith McDonald, defending his police department's illegal entry into Memphis to murder a Memphis citizen.

And you have Larry Godwin trying to cover his tracks by seeking a meeting with other police directors to affirm notification practices when police departments are working out of jurisdiction.

Godwin seems concerned that the MPD only got a six-minute notification before learning that the rogue Bartlett cops were operating in Memphis.

But how do we really know that Godwin was even notified until after the murder had taken place?

And why did the rogue district attorney Bill Gibbons blatantly refuse to investigate the murder? A one-day investigation is the same thing as no investigation at all.

These high level government crooks have blood on their hands in the brutal murder of Malcolm Shaw and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And meanwile, the sissy mayor of Memphis, A.C. Wharton, remains in Africa, not concerned that a Memphis citizen has been gunned down in cold blood by a ruthless Bartlett police hit squad. And that is where this wimp should remain--in Africa doing a tribal dance with a dog.

Anonymous said...

"it is alleged that the officer only makes $27,000."

It is alleged wrongly......It is public record, go to Bartlett City Hall and check it out yourself.

Anonymous said...

" . . . . And that is where this wimp should remain--in Africa doing a tribal dance with a dog. . . ."

You people elect the mayor's of Memphis these days, so why don't you learn a lesson and ignore the evil Willie Herenton who is running for office with only one claim, that he's black and a black crook is better than anything white.

Anonymous said...

"it is alleged that the officer only makes $27,000."

It is alleged wrongly......It is public record, go to Bartlett City Hall and check it out yourself.

March 20, 2010 11:02 AM
I used the word alleged because I want to be fair to the officer because everything is alleged until it is proven. but I sense a little attitude in your comment.

First of all, thanks for pointing out that this statement is wrong and where I can go to get the correct information.

Since you're so good at pointing me in the right directon. I have an assigment for you. Tell me why was Malcom Shaw shot in the back of the head meaning that he was walking away from the officer and did not have a gun pulled on the officer as it has been reported. Tell me why he was killed by a person who had a drug record that was requested to be expunged and removed so that it would not be revealed?

This is your homework assignment for today. Homework due upon receipt.

RT Koenig said...

Did any of the witnesses to the Malcolm Shaw shooting take cell phone pictures? I am particularly concerned about reports that the officers exchanged "high fives" following the shooting.

Anonymous said...

Thats true cause when i got arrested for not paying a ticket in bartlett, memphis police picked me up and transferred me to bartlett city limits and bartlett police took me to jail. Of course i was placed in a holding cell and release the same night, but i thought that was weird. they exchanged me at a gas station on Kirby/Whitten and 70. Bartlett cannot come into memphis.