Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Democrats will be making a choice on May 4th as to whomn they feel can best represent their interest as county mayor against the republicans million dollar man Mark Luttrell.
Joe Ford who is presently the county mayor has to be considered the front runner, But Deidre Malone plans to take that front position from him. Otis Jackson is being considered by many within the party as the spoiler and will not receive support from democratic leaders.
But the race is not in the hands of the leadership but with the voters. So who do you think should be selected by democrats to take Luttrell on in August? Who do you think has the experience and know how to be county mayor and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates.


Anonymous said...


Deidre Malone right now is the best choice for the Democrats. She has energy, she has vision, and she is on the move.

Joe Ford is all right, but, frankly, he seems tired and worn out, like he is on his last leg. The interim county position seems to have drained all the zest out of him.

Otis Jackson is doing an excellent job as General Sessions Court clerk and that is where he should remain.

Deidre Malone is winning the support of the voters and should edge out the exhausted Joe Ford and the "no chance" Otis Jackson in the primary.

Black Lion said...

Joe Ford is currently my choice. Deidre Malone seems much too timid and Otis Jackson seems lost in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

ms malones commercial was all sweet but it sounded so gay and corny

Anonymous said...

Otis Jackson is being considered by many within the party as the spoiler and will not receive support from democratic leaders[NEE: BLACKS].

Blacks seem to have monopolized racism!

Anonymous said...

If Joe Ford is nominated, Luttrell will probably win. Besides all of the negative feelings about the Fords in the black community and ESPEC the white community, People don't trust Joe because he lied when he said he wouldn't run.

Joe has shown that he is against government efficiency and against Memphians getting a tax break. He scuttled plans to merge the City and County Fire Depts. and said it's fine that Memphians pay double for schools, City tax AND County tax for the Memphis City Schools.

Malone is for the Fire merger and for a single payer system for the schools.

Poor dumb Otis was talked into running by his pyscho aid.

Malone isn't perfect but she's the only chance the Democrats have to keep the Mayor's office.

Anonymous said...

What a joke we have in Joe Ford. He thinks he can lie his way into being mayor coupled with putting his young punk son into his old liars chair in the county commission. Harold Sr, did this and both of the Harolds have abandoned this city. Edmund Ford, Jr. moved into his tainted father's seat when his tainted father was indicted. Joke Ford helped get Cohen, the Commie into office. Joe Ford, Jr. tried to cop and seat and left town owing many bills, a chip off the block of his Papa. Yep, the Fords do do as they please as they leave their dodo all over everyone.

Joe Ford, of the lowly Ford family, lives in a $350,000 home, but can't pay his bills. He would put the county in the same financial shape as is our country courtesy of Obama.

No wonder the country thinks this city is a joke with a number of it's politicians serving jail time, or just making a mess of the area courtesy of voters who can't think their way out of a paper bag.

Could it be true that Obama is considering Javier Bailey for the next supreme court opening? It would be in line with his stupid moves of the past. Obama has been sucking up to our enemies like a little kid of twelve being caught shop lifting. Now they are laughing at him while our former friends are being treated like dirt by our dirt bags in Washington.

Anonymous said...







Rascal said...

You iggnunt spook, there are more than these 3 running for mayor. Why don't you at least include Luttrell in your dumbass poll?

Anonymous said...

A post by one whose only ability is seeing color:

"Otis Jackson is doing an excellent job as General Sessions Court clerk and that is where he should remain."

Voting rights should be taken away from this poster. Just read the morning Commercial. Otis should be raking leaves instead of mishandling General Sessions while using that worn out democrat excuse of, "I inherited the problems". That's Obama's line as he goes about lowering the credit rating of our federal government as evidently something Otis is doing on the local level.

Anonymous said...

Whoever the white man be! You can't trust a fucking nigger!

Anonymous said...

I am what I consider to be a yellow dog Democrat. However, on the dems side Joe will probably win, but while he's a nice guy, that's it. He has no knowledge of government. Deidra, well she's just Deidra. I am a female, but I must admit that Lutrell will be my choice

Anonymous said...

Rascal you garlic smelling translucent skinned liver spotted diseased cracker Lutrell aint spent no money you idiot.

Anonymous said...

" . . . . .but I must admit that Lutrell will be my choice . . . "

Would it not be lovely if in the upcoming local races the voters voted by qualification instead of by color? With idiots like Matthews having been dropped onto this earth, there is no chance of eliminating racism.

Anonymous said...


If their lips are moving, you know they are lying. Comedian Jon Stewart was so amazed at the lies of Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity when it was so obvious they were lying that he compared them to Beevis and Butthead.

Wouldn't it be better for the teabagger types to at least try the truth sometime. Most Americans are really getting fed up with this daily torrent of lies we get from the mouths of Gingrich, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, and all the other professional liars featured on the Fox News Channel.

But truth is no longer an option for the wingnuts of the tea party movement. Let us hope locally, here in Memphis, that just plain lying does not become a part of any candidate's campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'll go for Otis. If he wins, he will be better situated to wasting your money beyond fancy dinners. Keep in mind that this city operates to a large degree on sales taxes. If you want people like the recent candidates in these parts for political office along with Obama and his plan for a value added tax, then keep cheering them on. Some of you may think that Obama's plan for soaking the rich will be enriching you, but sooner than you think, you will find that you will be paying the piper as there are not enough rich people out there to make for us having the free and cheap homes, medical care and food, ala Cuba where most have been piss poor since Barack Castro came into power over fifty years ago.

See you in the bread line. Please bring the oleo and something to sit on as the line will be long.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Name a funeral home Ford that has not been on the take? Just think of the sorry records of those siblings of Ophelia Ford, the loud mouth dumb ass that seems to have a reputation of being the freak from Memphis. Edmund, Sr. and Harold, Sr., indicted. [Where their is smell you can find stink] Emmitt, jailed. Harold, Jr. ashamed of his Tennessee roots, Ophelia, a drunk. Now we have Justin, Edmund, Jr., Joe, Jr., Jake
and whatever else ready to be on the take as the genes are there.

These Fords have surely screwed up this city. Thanks democrats!

Anonymous said...

"Most Americans are really getting fed up with this daily torrent of lies we get from the mouths of Gingrich, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, and all the other professional liars featured on the Fox News Channel."

That squirt, Barracks Obama does nothing but read speeches as he travels all over the universe disrupting cities and making decent people change channels to avoid his silly smile and bad breath that. But then we have only a few months left of those socialistic democrats in Washington that are buying the votes of brain challenged voters who in this area are sitting on pins and needles anxious to vote again for Rosco Dixon, John Ford and Rickey Peate who will one day be out of jail and slipping around town in their BMWs as the voters who put them into power still await a sidewalk in front of their rented dwellings.

Fox News has the highest ratings available so you that know no better, go right ahead and say AMEN to whomever might give you that $5.00 so that you can buy a can of gas or fix a flat as you beg your way across parking lots.
Beats shoplifting, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This is really a sad chapter in the history of the South. One would think that at the beginning of the 21st century, most Southerners would be enlightened enough to think clearly and intelligently debate issues like health care reform.

But instead you have these fools out in the streets in effect crusading against themselves, because they are one of the classes of Americans who really need health care reform.

Guided by racial hatred and stupidity, however, they are lemmings throwing themselves over the cliff on the altar of racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, and lies, lies, and more lies.

The GOP has become the laughing stock of the world with leaders like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman leading the poor people astray. It is really a shame that there are still so many ignorant, uneducated, and mean-spirited white people left in America.

Where will all of this end? Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

Anonymous said...


Looks like once again it is open season on the Ford family as critics continue to slam the Fords into the ground.

You would think from these negative comments that all the Fords are nothing but a bunch of crooks, fleecing the community out of as much taxpayer money as possible.

But the Fords as a whole have also done a lot of good in the community, especially Harold Ford Sr. Harold Sr. paved the way for other blacks to get involved in politics and to empower many black politicians who followed him.

But not to worry, Ford haters. The Ford dynasty is coming to an end anyway. Joe Ford will win the Democratic primary for county mayor but will be trounced by Mark Luttrell in the general election.

As for Ophelia Ford, she is obviously not in good health and could not survive another four-year term in the state senate. She will be forced to retire.

Edmund Ford Jr. is as quiet as a church mouse and will never be a real force in Memphis politics. He is simply too timid and reserved. As for Justin Ford, he is simply too clean to dirty his hands in crooked Memphis and Shelby County politics.

So you will only have Edmund Jr. and Justin left. And that is nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Deidre Malone doing the Nikki Tinker "Mammy sitting on the porch" commercial, I see.

Mammy can't talk, and pappy is no where to be found in the ad, with a bunch of bro's and sista's hanging around during daylight hours doing nothing.

Are you niggers ever going to learn?

Anonymous said...

"So you will only have Edmund Jr. and Justin left. And that is nothing to worry about."

Who wants someone in office that we don't have to worry about. If they have nothing to offer then they should just do some greeting at the funeral parlor. As to Harold, Sr. paving the way, you might as well site the African Brothers that started slavery before getting into the pirate business. They and the Ford's paved their own pockets with tax payer funded phone service, nothing more. You can't ignore that Harold Ford, Sr. wrote hundreds of bad checks while in Congress, was indicted and paved the way to the federal pen for many of those politicians that brought ill fame to this city. Don't make excuses for the Fords and prolific sex causing an expanded voter base. This brought misery to this city by making suckers of those who voted them into office along with fatherless children.

Anonymous said...

Betcha no one is lending this ancient cat any campaign money. He goes by the name Joe Ford on his IOUs. Wonder if this bird ever paid his MLG&W bill in his campaign with his off spring, Joe Ford, Jr. who skipped both town and bills after loosing. That's a Ford right, to change one's mind even if it concerns bills to pay or for that matter, restaurant checks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mark Luttrell is the best choice for this race for mayor...... his record speaks for its self.... just check it out!!!! He is fair and Man of his word.

Anonymous said...

Not much in the way of contributors.
Two headquarters without any visible means of support. Another election run that is on the cuff???????

Anonymous said...

I was gonna go with ford because he was the only one beside the sharriff who was'nt on here. I guess i vote for the sharriff now. why these peoples give you money is far from my mind cause you talk the devils talk.

Anonymous said...

Where is that technician that "BIG MOUTH" Matthews was to bring on board. That over sized picture of
Joe Ford makes for a crappy display, but then maybe that is what you would get if you allow another Ford into office. The people's choice, his ass, it's the choice of long gone Harold Ford, Sr. Hasn't Ophelia Ford been enough to make a buzzard gag?

"He [LUTTRELL, OF COURSE] is fair and Man of his word." Joe Ford doesn't have the wattage of a Christmas Tree Light.

Anonymous said...

"The people's choice", my foot. Hardly anyone has contributed to his campaign. That should tell you something.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how Joe Ford is the best choice - his skin color is too white - hard to be proud of an African American who isn't "black like me." Ain't it?

Anonymous said...

"Deidre Malone doing the Nikki Tinker "Mammy sitting on the porch" commercial, I see."

It will work for Miss DeeDee...the slaves who are hooked on the Demoncrat nipple will fall at her feet in love with their tricky massahs!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Thad would you please do a show on these PILOT programs. These programs on benefit corporations.
If these programs were so great, and are generating all of this money, then why do homeowners property taxes keep going up or the Citizens of Memphis have to give up essential services. All the Pilot program is Corporate Welfare. Now they want the tax payers to fit the bill for Bass Pro.

Anonymous said...

If you are really interested in the career of Joseph Ford, then read the letter to the editor as written by Lee Todd of Germantown, TN in this Wednesday's Commercial Appeal carrying a date of April 21, 2010.

Anonymous said...

"If these programs were so great, and are generating all of this money, then why do homeowners property taxes keep going up or the Citizens of Memphis have to give up essential services."

1. Too many holidays for city employees.
2. Too many $100,000 do nothing jobs where Willie traded jobs for loot and votes ala Janice Hooks.
3. Too many dead beats going to the Med for knife wounds.
4. Too many police required for attempted control of our majority race.
5. Companies don't want to locate here with our dumb ass labor pool. As a result they demand a high price.
6. Not enough decent residential property for a tax base to generate enough money for the expense of funding those who live in shot gun housing while doing nothing but birthing babies where the father has moved on to another lay.

Anonymous said...


I need a lesson in economics. If Mayor Wharton was begging for somebody to show him how to keep the Shelby County Government financially afloat, how in the hell can Brother "Bankrupt" Ford pay for everything, balance the budget, help the Med and give a 2% employee raise... all in the same damn office. (Sorry for this long sentence, but it is hard to break off from this bullshit.)

I predict that if we elect Ford, "they" in some greasy coffee shop will "beg" him not to balance the budget, then we will be up s _ _ _ creek again for four years.

This man has absolutely no respect for the intellect of the Shelby County voters.

Here we have yet another GED, online, life-experience educated dropout trying to bamboozle the people.

I knew when he took the interim job and started paying his bills, cleaning his suits, eating out and employing his wlefare friends that we would be unable to pry him out of the office.

Anonymous said...

Would someone ask Joe Ford to turn around so that the voters might determine if he is wearing some previously worn and unpaid for backless burial jacket?

Anonymous said...

April 6, 2010 1:27 PM

" . . . Joe Ford is all right, but, frankly, he seems tired and worn out, . . . . "

Look again at Joe Ford's new over sized campaign photo. Reminds one of one of those pictures that are included with dollar store wallets.

Anonymous said...

Pls let us know what is going on with the big picture of Joe. Even if you are now a fan this seems a little suspect. Do they have something on you???LOL.

Anonymous said...

Now that Sheriff Mark Luttrell is struggling with the Dearick Stokes scandal and trying to explain how his jailers can release a convicted murderer just like magic, it is time to re-evaluate the county mayor's race.

Joe Ford is going to have a field day with this issue, and well he should. Luttrell apparently can't even run the county jail, so how can he be trusted to run the county?

I think we better stick with Joseph Ford as county mayor.

Anonymous said...

What a dullard we have in Joe Ford. He is about as exciting as an empty monkey cage.

Anonymous said...

"I think we better stick with Joseph Ford as county mayor."

Because some dumb ass county employee, one among thousands, released someone based on possibly some lousy software fostered on the county by Frenchy French the tire slasher who thinks he is sheriff material, you feel as if Joe Ford, a real dumb ass, might as well stay in as mayor. Joe Ford's failures in business, in paying his bills, in properly using the king's English are all his own fault. He has no business continuing on as mayor if for no other reason, he lied to his fellow commissioners to obtain the office. That is down right pitiful,
a bad act usually coming from a five year old.

We have learned to put up with campaign promises that are never filed. In the political world a winning candidate might be fenced in by other politicians in a way that makes it impossible to fulfill a campaign goal, but an outright lie, made when you know it is a lie, is worse than criminal in that you are lying to every voter. Good as his word, is something Joe Ford has never earned. Get him out of there as he will be lying while making a fool of himself and the county for four years. The county does not nee that kind of trash in an important position. Anyone who would vote for him must not think much of his/her family and friends.

Joe Ford's obtaining office based on what might be construed as fraud is enough to deny him another hour beyond his interim appointment as his salary these days is the equivalent of fraud.