Monday, February 8, 2010


This Blog was hacked into and compromised on Thursday January 28th but I am now back in business with new security features in place. i know that this is a political season and there are those who wish to silence me, But there methods will not work whether its the compromising of this site or the increase in the monthly rate of my radio talk show that is the most listened to in the afternoon.
My old stories have been saved into a file for my purposes and record but forth coming is some of the hardest written history of this blog. It's now time for me to head to the station but later tonight all of the features of the site including the ads will return and remember


Anonymous said...

Number one show? Every time you say that, I crack up. How do you come to that conclusion. The ratings show that KWAM is barely a blip on the ratings charts. Or are the ratings part of that great white conspiracy. Sorry Thad. The Republican kid on WREC is number one. You are at the bottom of the pile. And that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Happened to link to this site after it was hacked. Really honest comments about BS Matthews, so honest that they must have really gotten under the skin of BS. So start from scratch ashingtonas Obama should do with his sorry, stupid, health plan that would be run by a bunch of idiots in Wabout as smart as the ones "No Platform" placed in city hall. Can't you just picture "No Platform" mumbling on the floor of the house with one of his "I'm Black" spit outs

Go to s comment thread of the Commercial Appeal when they run an article about "No Platform" Willie, other than I'm black and in my twilight years. All negative as I bet the comments were in regards to that display of the words of "No Platform"

Anonymous said...


2:14 p.m. may be correct in asserting that KWAM is only a blip on the rating charts, but there is no doubt that The Thaddeus Matthews Show is a blockbuster every day at 4 p.m. as black and white Memphians tune in to get valuable information not found anywhere else on the radio dial.

And it is probable that the Thaddeus Matthews Show would be just effective one hour per day as it is three hours per day. Why should Thaddeus Matthews pay KWAM a ridiculous fee each week when he is the only star in their stable?
Frankly. most people are just not impressed by any other show on KWAM 990.

As for the no-talent Republican kid on WREC(White Racist Entertainment Channel),Ben Ferguson, he should get out of the radio business. He does not have a show business personality or a voice suited for radio. He is about as interesting or exciting as watching paint dry. His audience consists mainly of racist crackpots as boring as he is.

On the other hand, the Thaddeus Matthews Show is dynamic and unpredictable, and that is why it blows away boring Ben and the
other competition fouling the airwaves at that time slot.

Ben Ferguson number one? Only among white racists and teabagging idiots.

Rev. George Brooks said...

Glad you're back Thad. Now climb on up to the top of the mountain, and give out some thunderous shouting in support of W.W. Herenton for that Congressional seat. Also tell all of those Memphis blacks that claim to be Christians, that even though Jesus was Jewish, as is Steve Cohen, the Jews are anti-Jesus. And tell them to ask their preachers about it, as well as demand that Cohen tell why he does not believe in Jesus. This might be a subject for you to discuss Thad.---Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro, who has ties to Joseph "Free Joe" Harris and Eads.

Typhona said...

Im sorry Rev. Not to demean you or anyone else who has a religion to follow, but exactly what does a politician's religion have to do with their politics? Nothing. That is why they are in politics and not the pulpit.

Rev. George Brooks said...

Typhona, every people's religion is a part of their everyday life. You mean your religion is not? Even laws passed, such as drugs, homosexuality, murder, stealing, and on and on, are all based on religion. It's been this way from the beginning of time, when those first two black people were placed on earth, pal. Ask Steve Cohen and any Jew if their religion does not play a part in their everyday life. You're simply trying to psyche black folks out buddy, because you think that we are all fools. But it won't work this time around. And I'll give you more lessons before election day. --- Rev. George Brooks

Rev. George Brooks said...

Thad, I just had to come right back now to inform this "first-grade-slickster," Typhona, that religion played a part in the Jews getting the land away from the Palestinians that is now called Israel. They lied about that land being given to them by God. And claim to be "the chosen people," as well, which is another lie. Jews, in fact, use their religion everyday for their benefit. The wars in the Middle East have a lot to do with the protection of the Jews in Israel, which they use to psyche the world out with. It is clear that Typhona is a Cohenite. So religious questions are coming Steve and Typhona, like it or not. --- Rev. George Brooks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming back Thad. You'll beating WDIA by a long shot. I know Bobby, I mean Joe Louis Jones is mad now.

Anonymous said...

Will you please re-post the site. I am having trouble finding It. You have the #1talk radio show. Keep on keeping on! Love you.
Thanks. Melony

Anonymous said...

Ben Ferguson number one? Only among white racists and teabagging idiots.

February 8, 2010 4:39 PM

Watch the teabaggers get the SOCIALISTS out of Congress and White House real soon. We already started.

Gag on that teabag, bitch!

Only ignorant, black racists tune into the Thad Crappews program.

P.S. BTW, I am glad Ted Kennedy crapped out.......his family power bought him that seat for decades. So NOW, you Demorats can watch a REAL REPRESENTATIVE, Scott Brown, lead the Massachusetts People. Ha!

Anonymous said...


The Ben Ferguson Show on the White Racist Entertainment Channel(WREC) is ridiculous, and the professional broadcasters as well as many listeners know it.

Like whale shit at the bottom of the ocean, this turkey ranks at the very bottom of radio entertainment in Memphis: the stale jokes, the hyena-like laugh, the silly racist commentary.

Ben Ferguson has absolutely, positively no talent as a radio broadcaster and as an Old South bigoted commentator. WREC would have been better off if it had left the whining racist Mike Fleming in that time slot.

The beautiful, booming voice of Thaddeus Matthews is a gift from God perfectly suited for broadcasting. This is the thing that the punk Ben Ferguson does not have, and it shows every time he opens his mouth. He is on the radio only because he is white.

Perhaps Ben Ferguson is so delusional because he has been choking on a teabag, and here we are referring to its original, vulgar meaning.

Ben Ferguson can never beat Thaddeus Matthews in the radio ratings wars. He simply does not have the talent.

Plantang said...

yeah you back and ready to act a fool