Monday, February 22, 2010


Kriner Cash and the City of Memphis Board of Education is suing the city for $50 million dollars stating that if the city does not allow themselves to be extorted that the system will not be able to provide a quality education for its students.

I say that Cash is a liar and that the board consist of cronies who have their noses so far up his ass that they are beyond reason and will bow to whatever wishes the "The Curly Top One" wants.

Why does Cash state that the system does not have cash to operate when on last year MCS received $83,893,006 in stimulus funding? Documents that I was able to get from sources in city government show that the system has funds to operate programs that educate our children,In fact the system even has $147,063.05 in Homeless Assistance funds.

before MCS receives another dime of taxpayers money Kriner should show where the needs for additional funds are needed and how the stimulus money is being used.



Anonymous said...


The Memphis Board of Education and the Memphis City Council are just like lions and hyenas fighting over the same carcass on the plains of Africa.

The lions(Board of Education)were about to devour the carcass(50 million bucks)back in 2008 when the hyenas(City Council) got greedy, overpowered the lions and ran them away.

But the lions have come back strong with an aggressive male lion(Kriner Cash) leading them and they are now routing the hyenas.

You see, the lions have the courts on their side, so the hyenas are helpless now and cannot hold on to the prize. The hyenas have lost.

It is payback time for Kriner Cash and the lions. And they intend to kick City Council ass from one end of the jungle to the other.

Jeff Lee said...

When are you going to talk about something you know about? We at WDIA will be glad when your money runs out.

Anonymous said...


You would think that with all that money flowing into the Memphis City School System, that krazy Kriner Cash does have enough money already to meet the financial needs of the school system.

Why that's even enough money to hire rest room monitors to stop these vicious Lesbian attacks at a number of city schools. He has already busted a Lesbian school administration at a Whitehaven area high school and now he should finish the job of cleaning the system of these hairy whores.

And without suing the city for extra money. He can get all that dough with yearly increments from the city and not place another burden on the taxpayers of Memphis.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the white guy (who was discriminated against by the black majority) doesn't have to deal with this hot mess.....that started under the failed leadershit of the career "keeping it real" politician, Willie Wilbert Herenton.

Anonymous said...

To the person above me, don't blame Herenton for all the problems of this city. As many wrongs as you can count against him, there is a double figure that he has done RIGHT for this city, probably even YOUR COMMUNITY! He didn't even want an out of state Superintendent telling MEMPHIANS how to educate their children anyway. Get you discriminative facts straight!

This Education Administration is sad and pitiful. Teachers do not make nearly as much money as they should, but the Education system has all of this money, and still wants to suck it's city dry. Who in the hell thought up paying someone that amount of money as a yearly salary as a Superintendent during the early stages of a recession? Makes me sick! Then to think these children are the future of America? I would seriously do better back in the African / Malaysian Jungles.

-It's really sad to hear when some of these children go into college talking about funding for education when they do not know the figures that this administration has sucked out of the pockets of this community. How much money do you really need? What they should be doing before they go sticking their hand out is figuring how they can reduce their spending habits on unnecessary things! It's not always the teacher's fault you didn't receive the basic education.

Isn't it interesting that some of the Board of Education's children and grandchildren attended private and county school education?

Anonymous said...

I would not give MCS a dime. MCS is so corrupted it's pitiful. The whole system corrupted. Fist of all, you got these so called zone superintendents who don't know jack making all the money. You have teachers in the system who need to be fired. I would not give them a dime. Why should we give them a dime, when the children aren't learning and you are passing them to the next grade level. Who ever heard of a system assessing students from 4th grade to 6th grade or 5th grade to 7th grade. These students received a crash dummy course within eight weeks. What the Hell! Why are we giving them more money to make more dummies. OMG! Is someone listening? I am so sick and tired of Kriner Cash sobbing about we need money. I need money too. As a matter of fact, I want a refund. I am a tax paying citizen and at the rate this system is going and has gone, I should definitely get a refund.
Get rid of these tired principals and zone directors. For instance, Mr. Rhodes also known as "Crow feet." I am so sick and tired of him. Dr. Cash and Dr. Hamer need to really get him out of the Southwest region. I have complained to him numerous times about my child's school. Nothing has been done. He is always sending that dumb Dr. Whitelow to answer questions. What can she do? She had a failing school for two years straight. By the way, have you ever heard of a principal leaving a failing school of 200 or more children to get a promotion and be over thousands of students, principals, and teachers. The teachers, principals and parents do not respect her and I do not either. The state should be called in to investigate what is going on in this system. I am pulling my three children out of this school system and I am home schooling them. This system is a joke. DON'T GIVE THEM A DIME!!!