Sunday, February 14, 2010


The big political question of today is will interim county mayor Joe Ford run for a full term for the office he now holds. Even though he stated when selected that he would not run,there is nothing to keep him from changing his mind and going forth.

As of Friday Ford had not pulled a petition to run but he has until noon on Thursday to file his petition and declare himself as a candidate for county mayor. There are those who say that Joe Ford will not pass up the chance to run even though fellow democrat Deidre Malone has already declared and is running.


Black Lion said...

Joe Ford will run and he is the only candidate, who can beat Mark Luttrell.

Anonymous said...


Joe Ford Sr. will run for a full term as county mayor, but the slope is a little more slippery than it was a few weeks ago.

Despite being panned by the critics as a buffoon, old Joe has surprised them all by so far doing a superb job as interim county mayor. So what has he got to lose if he runs, as expected?

The problem he will face in running is that the race is now complicated with Mark Luttrell clearly the odds-on favorite. Luttrell is a compassionate Republican popular and respected in both the white and black communities.

As for candidate Deidre Malone, she means well but, frankly, she has no chance against Ford or Luttrell.

It's going to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am a democrat and I must say that if it boiled down between Luttrell and Ford, I will vote for Luttrell. Deidra Malone has no chance against Joe Ford, though I wish her well.

Anonymous said...

Joe Ford, of the infamous Ford family, will submit that paper work at the last minute while continuing to lie about his intentions. Joe, the failure, is now making more money than he ever made in his life. Those Fords that never did anything for Memphis other than the favor they gave the citizens of Memphis by leaving, Harold, Sr. and his pimply little boy, Harold, Jr. will advise and control this in debt loser.

Anonymous said...

MsMalone got every reason to run. Nothing to fear.All the other candidates who lost took their romps on home and went to bed. Big deal.
She needs the experience as lady mayor. I'm sick of these guys anyway.

Anonymous said...

I like Joe Ford,he's an ok guy. Joe let them have the race. Too much trouble.