Monday, February 8, 2010


Justin Ford candidate for County Commission seat District 3. Position 3 will be giving away gas on Wednesday at the BP at Winchester and Millbranch. Justin the son of County Mayor Joe Ford will purchase gas for the first 300 cars to arrive at the BP between 3-7 pm.

Ford as he pumps gas will be asking county residents what it is that they want from the Shelby County Commission and what is their agenda for service. Ford states that he is not concern about interim commissioner Edith Moore or James Catchings who have also pulled petitions to run for the seat. He says that he will follow his family's tradition of service.

Justin states that in these hard times his campaign dollars are better spent aiding the citizens of Shelby County then covering their yards with campaign signs.

No cars with out of state or out of county tags will receive the free gas,Ford states that the 40,000 plus that come into this county daily from out of state and from other counties receive enough when they don't have to leave any tax dollars in Shelby County. Citizens from all districts of Shelby County are welcome to come and receive the free gas.



Anonymous said...


Justin Ford, the Derrick Rose lookalike, may be the political virgin of the Ford family, but he has all the savvy of a seasoned veteran. He has been very impressive in the interviews he has conducted and has a vision for the future.

At only 25, Justin should be able to energize the County Commission whose members mainly are either mildewed or semi-mildewed. In fact, it took the establishment of term limits to finally get dinosaurs like Cleo Kirk and Walter Bailey off a government body that was turning into an old folks' home.

This is an opportunity for a young man to pave the way for other youthful citizens to serve in local government. The Jurassic Park crowd has been in power for too long.

So here's hoping that there will be a whole lot of people, young and old alike, jumping for Justin when the election rolls around. We need to stop the charge of "The Old Negro Brigade."

jumar said...

you need to stop letting your left hand no what right hand's doing, history should tell you we done gave up all our rights trying do it your way. the under ground is the only way. you should be your self before you're by your self and find you some real soldiers to back you in stead of all those yes men & ma's ......i'm sorry i just don't won't to see another strong black brother lose fighting for us until he get killed or lose everything

Anonymous said...

Will Justin be farting gas out of his mouth like the rest of the Ford family. His dead failed to win an earlier election in running for mayor, but the politicians put this lier into office, dumb as he is. His hip hop number one son ran for congress saying that even if he lost, he would stay in Memphis. He lost the election and left town without paying his campaign bills.

Now this little twenty five year old thinks he can win his father's commission spot. WAKE UP VOTERS, AREN'T YOU SICK OF THIS LYING AND CRIME PRONE FAMILY?

Anonymous said...


2:51 p.m. gives the impression that Justin Ford will merely be a puppet of the Ford family and will be as crooked as some of his greedy and obnoxious relatives like John Ford.

But all Fords are not alike and certainly do not have the same on-the-take mentality. When Jake Ford tried to muscle in on brother Harold Jr.'s 9th Congressional District seat, most voters recognized his incompetence and soundly rejected him. The voters dealt with Joe Ford Jr. in the same manner.

But Justin is not Jake and he is not Joe Jr. He should not be discriminated against because he is a member of the Ford family.

The voters will generally consider the merits of this candidate and not base their decision on Ford family myths.

Anonymous said...

Everybody line up all yall line up get the free gas you can get. That will be Justin last platform. You use him up...

Anonymous said...


Justin Ford should not stop with the gimmick of giving away free gas to potential voters in his district. Since he looks so much like Derrick Rose, why not invite Derrick down for a little one-on-one at FedEx Forum? Both could be wearing Derrick's Chicago Bulls uniform and daring anybody to tell them apart.

That would be part of a double feature. The second part could be an exhibition game between the men on the City Council and the men on the County Commission. Sidney Chism could lead the county team and Myron Lowery, if earthquake precautions are met, could lead the city team.

Proceeds from the event would go to The Med.

Start working on this, Justin. One gimmick is not enough.

Maybach said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you say


Why do people lap that shit up like hungry, desperate dogs?


Anonymous said...


February 16, 2010 10:31 AM


Many thanks to the black, racist MAN, Kenny Whalum, for this choice. What an Idiot!

But enjoy, lol!

Anonymous said...


Justin Ford states that he plans to adopt a ninth grade class in his district when he becomes a county commissioner and help guide these students through four years of their education.

This is a step in the right direction. Parents and significant others need to become more involved with the school system.

Right now there seems to be a number of schools plagued by aggressive Lesbian behavior with dykes in some schools even taking over girls' rest rooms and using them for deviant sexual activity.

Kriner Cash is aware of this problem and has taken steps to solve it, but he would welcome the assistance of Justin, parents, and other concerned citizens. In fact, Supt. Cash dismantled a Lesbian school administration in Whitehaven last year and sent two of the dyke administrators packing to other schools. It was believed that these Lesbian administrators were fostering and supporting deviant sexual behavior at the Whitehaven area high school.

Justin and the community as a whole must work together to improve our schools with school safety being a priority.