Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Saturday as she opened up her campaign headquarters on Poplar, Shelby County Commissioner Deidre Malone declared that she's not afraid of any in the race or might get in the race for mayor of Shelby county. Taking a shot at Shelby County interim mayor Joseph Ford Malone stated"While I'm not from a family whose tradition is politics Im ready and prepared to serve".

Many political candidates where present including Carlton Orange candidate for county registrar, Norma Lester who hopes to replace Malone on the commission,Steve Webster candidate for Circuit Court Clerk,Clay Perry and Danny Kail both candidates for Probate Clerk,Reginald Milton candidate for the county Commission and others. Also present was County Commissioner Sidney Chism,Gale Jones Carson,and even Shelby County political boss Bobby Lanier made an appearance.

Malone hopes to be the democratic nominee for the position on May 4th, and the winner in a contest between herself and Sheriff Mark Luttrell who has also announced that he is running for the county mayor's position. Joseph Ford's getting in the race could complicate her her success because with both her and Ford in the race will split the Black vote and guarantee Luttrell a winner considering that the sheriff will also receive a percentage of the White democrat crossover.

If Ford does not enter the race Malone will be the democratic candidate to face Luttrell in August but the question remains can she raise enough money to mount the massive campaign that republicans will finance to make sure that Luttrell wins. And the broke Shelby County Democratic Party will be no help to her there last report showed the political organization having just a little over $4,000.


Anonymous said...


Right now Deidre Malone is just a blip on the radar screens of Joe Ford Sr. and Mark Luttrell, but this blip could turn into something bigger down the road.

This energetic candidate appears to be going all out to make her case for being elected county mayor, so let's not count her out just yet. Her popularity is sure to grow as the campaign heats up.

As for the attitude that Ford and Luttrell will have toward the Malone thrust, it can be summed up in two words: Malone, begone!

Anonymous said...


Another dumb ass that can't speak the king's english running for office in this area. What a sorry bunch of candidates this community has to offer. Little wonder that this Deeetroit of the future has such a sorry reputation around the country.

Will Malone have to go off of food stamps if she loses?

Anonymous said...

Old Gayhawk Gail done got a little thick since she left Herenton hasn't she? How come she didn't show at the rally?

By the way Thaddeus, where is Pete Aviotti these days?

Is he still up in St. Louis getting his orders to bring down to Uncle Ben Wharton?

When will he be named "special assistant to the Mayor" again?

Glad to see Uncle Ben obeyed and kept Godwin.

Those boys in St. Louis are geting a little itchy about Memphis here lately......cabeesh?

Anonymous said...

Malone, you need not be scared about coming in last if Thaddeus Matthews can first find twenty five registered voters that he can fool into putting an "X" on his petition. If Thaddeus Matthews enters the race you are assured of coming in next to last.

Like Jimmy Carter who has just relinquished his title as the worst United States President in history to Barack Obama, you have been potentially assured of not being the worst vote getting candidate in a race for mayor of Shelby County.

If the voters come to realize that through a vote for Joe Ford they are risking another rip off by the Ford family, you may just come in third to last as you will then be followed by next to last, Joe Ford, then creepy Thaddeus Matthews bring up the rear and his rear is a big one.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same gal who is TOO PROUD to stand for her country?

If so, fuck her and the horse she rode in on.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Matthews,

Interim Mayor Joe Ford has insulted every citizen of this county. Not only is he not an honorable man, but he appears to have planned to run for mayor all alone.

I wonder who guided him to "get his foot in the door" of the mayor's office, then fight to stay there. He certainly hasn't demonstrated the acumen to think of that on his own. He is the same man that couldn't manage the budget of a $300K +/- household.
But he is going to "save the Med" Bull@#&% !!! The same man who was made to look like a blundering idiot the last time he tried to get elected mayor.

His ppl talk of the "good" job that he has done. What has he done! Ate greasy sausage with a few little old ladies and lonely retirees in three or four greasy spoon restaurants.

C'mon ppl. We ain't that damn dumb. Joe Ford does not strike me as a honorable man. He's finally getting a regular check, now he plans to just take a job and employ all of his washed-up cronies.

How long will it be before Shelby County has a foreclosure sign on it. You have to have a mind in order to change it. That's not what has happened.

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder who guided him [JOE THE JERK] to "get his foot in the door" of the mayor's office, then fight to stay there."

Harold Ford, Sr. who gave us Ophelia Ford when her brother, John Ford, also a brother of Harold Ford, Sr. when he went to the pen for seventeen years for big time criminal activity. Now Ophelia is giving no representation to the folks in her district as the Med flounders. These Fords have crapped on this city for years. ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME WE GET THAT ROTTEN FAMILY OFF OF THE GOVERNMENT PAYROLL WHERE THEY DO NOTHING BUT LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS AND LEAVE THEIR OFF SPRING TO CONTINUE RIPPING US ALL OFF?